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Alan Knapp

Alan Knapp

Professor, Department of Biology, Colorado State University


Department of Biology
Colorado State University
1878 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523


  • Professor, Department of Biology, Colorado State University


  • MS, Botany, University of Wyoming-Laramie, 1981
  • BS, Biology (high honors), Idaho State University, 1978
  • PhD, Botany, University of Wyoming-Laramie

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Book Chapters


Knapp, A. K., J. M. Briggs, D. L. Childers and O. E. Sala. 2007. Estimating aboveground net primary production in grassland- and herbaceous-dominated ecosystems. Pp. 27-48 In: Fahey, T. J. and A. K. Knapp eds., Principles and Standards for Measuring Primary Production (Long-Term Ecological Research Network). Oxford University Press.



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Report Chapters


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