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Adeyemi Adewole

Adeyemi Adewole

Managing Director/CEO, Adcem Healthcare, Lagos, Nigeria



  • EMSL, 2015
  • Managing Director/CEO, Adcem Healthcare, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Co-promotor, Sustainabiliy School, Lagos, Nigeria


As CEO of ADCEM Healthcare, Adeyemi is responsible for the overall implementation of the vision and mission of the organization. ADCEM is currently undergoing a re-visioning process, whereby it has declared that most of its future income will be realized from sustainability driven activities in the healthcare space. He lead the Innovation strategy of the company in a manner that suits our local environment.

As co-promoter of the Sustainability School Lagos (SSL) for the past 2 years, he has been involved in all aspects of conceptualizing, strategizing and implementing plans for the school. He is an executive director of the practice arm, named the Sustainability Solutions Practice (SSP), which has the primary purpose of proposing, designing and implementing Sustainability solutions. He preferred area of operation is Sustainable Health and the Environment, especially focused on the nexus between both of these independently crucial sectors.

Capstone: Mobile Dialysis Pilot Project in Nigeria

My collaborative project is about a Proof of Concept spanning a period of one year, intended to prove that a mobile dialysis system is a viable means of improving access to kidney disease treatment for underserved communities in Nigeria. It involves deploying a mobile dialysis machine that can complete a session of dialysis without constant electricity, nor connection to a source of water; the effluent during treatment is retained within the machine. It is mounted on a truck and moved periodically from a semi-rural hub to more remote locations, accompanied by clinical and technical staff. The desired outcome is that it is adopted by the central government and is replicated all over Nigeria and the rest of the developing world.


  • EMSL, Sustainability Leadership, Arizona State University, 2015