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Hathority, LLC specializes in software integration and application development. Decades of experience in finance, healthcare, and government inform their cloud-based solutions, one of which won the Cisco City of Phoenix IoT Challenge (April 2017).

+swappow is a mobile sharing marketplace built to empower passionate communities of athletes to swap, sell and share equipment, apparel and accessories to reduce environmental impact and increase affordable access to participation in healthy lifestyles.

Circonomy Solutions, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and co-founded by John Trujillo and David Hertzberg, was built out of strong desire to help private and public sectors reach their full potential while making the world a better place for future generations. The duo has more than 40 years of combined solution-driven, public/private sector experience within the waste, sustainability and circular economy industries. The company assists businesses, nonprofits and government agencies with creating operational efficiencies, advancing new technologies, and creating new economic opportunities.

Renewlogy’s (PK Clean) purpose is to develop technologies and processes to address our core mission of preventing landfill-bound waste. We envision a world in which there is no waste, as each item is renewed in some way. Renewlogy was founded at MIT in 2011. Through our proprietary chemical recycling process, which allows plastic to be reversed back into its basic molecular structure, we convert non-recycled plastic waste into new valuable products such as high-value fuels. Renewlogy has three key initiatives through which it fulfills its core mission: Renewlogy Energy, Renewlogy Waste Zero, and Renewlogy Oceans. Through these initiatives Renewlogy helps cities and companies meet their zero waste goals, prevent waste from entering oceans, and provides companies with solutions to create higher value products from hard-to-recycle plastics. Renewlogy’s first facility is located in Salt Lake City, and is currently building its next facility in Canada.

Trash Zero Inc. takes municipal solid waste and recovers 100% of the waste by turning it into new materials. Our patented technology diverts MSW from landfill through a controlled closed system that will save money, the environment and provide true impact on the communities it serves.

The Global Guardian Project is a digital learning magazine that teach children about caring for the earth and its inhabitants. Our mission is to help raise more ecologically conscious and compassionate children who become guardians of our planet.

“Smart-Sort” is an AI based sorting device that will efficiently sort waste streams into categorizes such as compost, landfill, recyclables, etc. Our aim is to use various types of technologies that will drive consumer’s to change their behaviors, educate consumers, create highly sorted waste streams, reduce contamination, and eventually reduce the amount of waste overall. There is a current need for an institutional level of sorting that is done prior to leaving the institutions. Incentives can be created for campuses, corporations, municipalities, etc. for implementing such technological advanced solutions. These incentives are what can drive the necessary changes around consumer’s behaviors related to waste and recycling. Waste sorting at the source is our goal, and by reaching our goals the institutions will also reach theirs as it relates to zero waste and sustainability.

A patent-pending pop-up recycle bin to encourage recycling by making it convenient, decorative, informative and affordable. The bins are made in Arizona, from recycled, recyclable material.

At Nektar Energy®, we build new markets for groundbreaking technologies. We seek out inventive solutions in the five sectors we think can transform the world in a big way: energy, utilities, waste and water, transportation and telecommunications. We are engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and business experts with the cultural and geographic diversity to look at each innovation from a unique global perspective. If a technology is new, different and disruptive – truly revolutionary – we want to support it. Everything we do is in pursuit of one common goal, a clean environment.

bites is a farm-to-table mobile app that connects foodies with local chefs who support local farms by sourcing ingredients from those farms and taking those fresh, seasonal ingredients into the home of the foodie to create a complete dining experience in the foodie’s own kitchen. bites seeks to create experiences that impact people and the planet in beneficial ways, at three levels: 1) by offering culinary adventures at all budgetary levels, in celebration of diversity and community building; 2) by economically empowering professional chefs, culinary students, and homemaker cooks; and 3) by giving visibility and support to local growers, increasing their profits, decreasing their waste, and diverting waste from landfills.

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