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The goal of the project will continue to be providing timely input on taste and odors for process control and canal-management decisions, plus providing critical information on other water quality parameters in the water supply system, conducting applied research, and education/communication. The project will include three tasks, each financially supported by one or more entities. The proposed activities have been developed based upon our collective experience over the past ten years, discussions with major partners, and perceived opportunities to make large improvements in water quality.

Massive forest fires in Arizona in 2002 impacted organic matter levels in the Salt River reservoirs for several years. The recent Wallow Fires may have the same impact. Research is proposed that includes field sample collection, analysis of organic matter and nutrients in the samples. This project will involve participation of SRP for sample collection and other local cities for data analysis. Additionally, we will track the water quality from Saguaro Lake down through the canal system to Phoenix water treatment plants on a monthly basis.