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Use-inspired research

Use-inspired research

Use-inspired research



This Research Coordination Network (RCN) will develop a collaborative research network in order to identify conditions that allow people to develop sustainable relationships with the environment over the millennial scale. This proposal draws upon widespread recognition that inter-generational sustainability education efforts and formulation of long-term environmental policy for adaptive management are ill served by short observational spans, restricted case pools, and disciplinary stove-piping. A transdisciplinary millennial scale perspective is key to a genuinely sustainable future. This RCN will promote development of such an interdisciplinary long-term perspective on sustainability through three interlinked working foci; 1) building capacity in long-term sustainability investigations through systematic inter-regional comparison of cases representing long-term human ecodynamics “experiments” of coupled natural and human systems impacted by climate change, multi-generational human impact, and inter-regional connection; 2) building cyberinfrastructure support through common data management, digital dissemination and visualization tools that both aid sustainability researchers and connect with sustainability educators; 3) Enhancing local and national initiatives in sustainability education and community involvement in global change science by innovative application of digital technology and creating direct links with education professionals and involving active  local community participation in sustainability science and education.


National Science Foundation Arctic Sciences Division


December 2011 — November 2016