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The Food Systems Transformation Initiative supports the development of more equitable, diverse and resilient food systems at all scales – from local to global – that can adapt to evolving uncertainties and opportunities, and enable sustainable societies.

Our approach to food systems comprises of concerns that impact the overall sustainability of system operations and outcomes, such as how agricultural systems and policies facilitate sustainable practices related to food, food availability, and food choice; livelihoods within and related to the food sector; and health. Through innovations in research, education, outreach and practice, our work creates positive change in food systems in surrounding communities and around the world.

To create this change, we work with a wide range of stakeholders, from policy makers to producers to community groups, to deliver real-world, innovative solutions that enhance equity, efficiency and resilience of food systems locally and globally. We also partner with healthcare providers, state agencies, entrepreneurs, and others to map consumer food choices to health outcomes and develop plans to provide education and access to healthy foods for low-income communities.

The research ongoing at ASU demonstrates a unique of approach to food systems while also engaging with the university’s dual interests in community-based social embeddedness and global transformational impact.


July 2014 — July 2018