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The Center for Biodiversity Outcomes draws on Arizona State University’s (ASU) strengths in natural and social sciences as a mechanism to increase capacity to tackle complex biodiversity sustainability challenges. The School of Life Sciences has traditionally been the fulcrum of biology and ecology at ASU. The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability buttresses the portfolio of sustainability science across campuses, and the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes models a successful boundary organization.

Meeting today’s biodiversity challenges requires innovative research, education, communication, and policy strategies capable of responding to a rapidly changing biophysical, institutional, and cultural landscape.  A new paradigm of 21st century sustainability science brings together insights offered by biology, ecology, economics, and the social and political sciences to tackle the greatest environmental threats of our time. ASU faculty members have been instrumental in developing this paradigm, and the Center provides the institutional capacity to facilitate faculty to work together to produce even more powerful results.



July 2014 — Ongoing