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The AORA Solar Tulip is a modular hybrid concentrated solar system that produces 24/7 electricity and heat moving seamlessly between solar thermal energy and a fuel source, e.g., natural gas, biogas, or diesel. The technology includes a collection of mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays to heat compressed air to more than 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit to drive a gas micro-turbine. The rated output of the system is 100 kilowatts of electricity and an additional 170 kilowatts of thermal energy, enough energy to power and heat between 60-80 homes.

AORA Solar has agreed to install a Solar Tulip, the first ever in the United States, on university land and ASU faculty, research staff, and students will work hand in hand with AORA engineers to enhance system operations.

This system is innovative and attractive to the energy industry because it is modular, it's easy to dispatch, it consumes low amounts of water, it is air cooled, and it produces a high amount of quality thermal output in addition to electricity.

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March 2014 — December 2017