KR Foundation

Date Due: 08/28/17

Amount: DKK 0.5m to DKK 5m (~$72,000 to $720,000)

Summary: Our economic paradigm does not acknowledge the planetary boundaries, often due to short-term thinking and inadequate pricing of externalities. There is an urgent need to transform the current understanding of how we measure and value growth, and how we relate to and manage natural resources. These questions must be brought into the mainstream of economic and political decision-making as well as into our day-to-day practices and behavior. Thus, the mission of KR Foundation is to help provide answers to, stimulate mind shifts about, and encourage action on, the long-term challenges faced by current and future generations living on a planet with finite resources, fragile ecosystems, and climate change. Program areas are Sustainable Behavior-Catalysts for Change and Sustainable Finance – Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground.

Keywords: climate change, sustainability