Sustainability in Practice

The Office of University Sustainability Practices is charged with ensuring that ASU achieves all of the goals outlined in the university’s sustainability operations plan — particularly through overseeing the design and implementation of programs to address the plan’s four pillars: carbon neutrality, zero waste, active engagement and principled practice.

Sustainability Operations at ASU

Arizona State University is a model for sustainability operations and practices around the country and has made significant strides in several key areas. Through four overarching sustainability goals - climate neutrality, zero solid and water waste, active engagement and principled practice - ASU takes seriously reducing consumption, maximizing efficiency and rethinking products and actions.

ASU has made significant strides in its sustainability goals over the past year. Our latest Sustainability Operations Annual Review reflects some of the high points we have achieved to date. View the Annual Review and take a moment to read about what ASU is doing.

Our Commitment

ASU is leading by example, demonstrating exemplary practices and sharing solutions to catalyze change.

What ASU is Doing

ASU recognizes that sustainability begins internally with its own business practices and policies.

What You Can Do

Students, faculty, and staff across the university are making a positive impact.

Tour Our Sustainability Points of Pride

ASU campuses house a variety of buildings, programs, and design elements that demonstrate the university’s innovative approach to sustainable operations.

Office of University Sustainability Practices

John Riley
Associate Vice President of University Business Services
University Sustainability Operations Officer

Betty Lombardo
Manager - Tempe Campus

Corey Hawkey
Program Manager - Tempe Campus

Jo Ellen Alberhasky
Program Coordinator - West and Downtown Campuses

Susan Norton
Program Coordinator - Polytechnic Campus