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Nigel Forrest

Nigel Forrest

Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Sustainability and Decision Center for a Desert City


  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Sustainability and Decision Center for a Desert City


Nigel Forrest is a post-doctoral research associate at ASU’s School of Sustainability and Decision Center for a Desert City. His research interest is in urban sustainability and solution-oriented research for transformational sustainability, and in particular, how to develop and implement transformational sustainability solutions within city-regions. He manages the Transformational Solutions Research and Education lab where the mission is to execute sustainability transition experiments in the food-energy-water nexus in collaboration with local stakeholders. His research has included small-scale community-based sustainability transitions and their success factors, and intervention selection processes within municipal sustainability initiatives. He has taught sustainability courses emphasizing transformational methods and solutions at undergraduate and high school levels.



  • PhD, Sustainability, Arizona State University
  • MS, Sustainability, Arizona State University
  • BS, Geology (Honors), University of Glasgow

Journal Articles


Forrest, N. and A. D. Wiek. 2014. Learning from success -- toward evidence-informed sustainability transitions in communities. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 12:68-88. DOI: 10.1016/j.eist.2014.01.003. (link )

Book Chapters


Wiek, A. D., C. Kuzdas, R. W. Foley, L. Withycombe Keeler, N. Forrest and B. Kay. 2017. Sustainability assessments designed for multiple functions: Five cases about water resources, nanotechnologies and communities. Pp. 127-145 In: Gibson, R. ed., Sustainability Assessment: Applications and Opportunities. Routledge. ISBN: 978-1138802742.


Wiek, A. D., M. J. Bernstein, R. W. Foley, M. C. Cohen, N. Forrest, C. Kuzdas, B. Kay and L. Withycombe Keeler. 2016. Operationalizing competencies in higher education for sustainable development. Pp. 241-260 In: Barth, M., G. Michelsen, M. Rieckmann and I. Thomas eds., Routledge Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development. Routledge. London and New York. ISBN: 9780415727303.



Wiek, A. D. and N. Forrest. 2013. Solution-oriented transition research in small-scale communities. Presentation at the 4th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions, June 20, 2013, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.