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Jon Norberg

Jon Norberg
Professor, Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University
+46 8 16 42 16

Department of Systems Ecology
Stockholm University
SE 106 91
Stockholm, Sweden

Journal Articles


Walker, B. H., S. R. Carpenter, J. M. Anderies, N. Abel, G. S. Cumming, M. A. Janssen, L. Lebel, J. Norberg, G. D. Peterson and R. Pritchard. 2002. Resilience management in social-ecological systems: A working hypothesis for a participatory approach. Conservation Ecology 6(1):Art 14. (link )

Book Chapters


Anderies, J. M. and J. Norberg. 2008. Observing, understanding, and acting: Information processing for navigating social-ecological systems. Pp. 155-178 In: Norberg, J. and G. S. Cumming eds., Complexity Theory for a Sustainable Future. Columbia University Press. New York.