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Jeremy Rowe

Jeremy Rowe

Information Technology/INCISE
Arizona State University
P. O. Box 870101
Tempe, AZ 85287-0101


Rowe works to integrate 3-D modeling and visualization into searchable digital libraries as part of interdisciplinary teams led by PRISM. Roles include facilitation, interface design, evaluation, and assessment. Additional activities include decision-theater development, technology and distance-education planning, as well as copyright and intellectual-property policy development. Rowe interfaces with AZ government entities including the Government InformationTechnology Agency, the Secretary of State, and the AZ Board of Regents.

Book Chapters


Schurmans, U., D. L. Collins, A. Razdan, A. W. Simon, M. Marzke, P. H. McCartney, D. Van Alfen, G. Jones, M. Zhu, D. Liu, M. Bae, J. Rowe and G. Farin. 2002. Advances in geometric modeling and feature extraction on pots, rocks and bones for representation and query via the internet. Pp. 191-202 In: Burenhult, G. and J. Arvidsson eds., Archaeological Informatics: Pushing the Envelope. Archaeopress. Oxford.