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Henk Rogers

Henk Rogers

Founder, Blue Planet Alliance


  • Founder, Blue Planet Alliance


Henk Rogers is a Dutch-born entrepreneur and clean energy visionary who has dedicated the past decade of his career to the research, development, advocacy and implementation of renewable energy sources in his adopted home of Hawaii. As the principal and visionary philanthropist of Blue Planet Foundation, Rogers’ efforts led to Hawaii becoming the first state in the nation with a policy requiring that 100% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2045.

Rogers is personally devoted to helping our planet reduce and eventually eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels. He is also the founder of Blue Planet Energy, one of the leading providers of energy storage systems that power homes, business and critical infrastructure. The company’s innovative Blue Ion technology has allowed Henk to take his own residences off-grid.

He is now focusing beyond Hawaii and beyond energy. His newest initiative, Blue Planet Alliance, aims to unite individuals, organizations and communities to create a world in which humanity and nature live in harmony.

Rogers is also renowned as a global leader in the gaming industry. One of his software companies holds the exclusive intellectual property rights to Tetris, the world’s most popular video game (over 125 million units sold). Rogers revolutionized the industry when he brought the now legendary game to U.S. and world markets over three decades ago.