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Gary Marchant

Gary Marchant
Distinguished Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
Regents' Professor and Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law and Ethics, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Executive Director and Faculty Fellow, Center for the Study of Law, Science and Innovation

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Arizona State University
PO Box 877907
Tempe, AZ 85287-7907

Professor Marchant's research interests include the use of genetic information in environmental regulation, risk and the precautionary principle, legal aspects of personalized medicine, and regulation of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, neuroscience and biotechnology. He teaches courses in Environmental Law, Law, Science & Technology, Genetics and the Law, Biotechnology: Science, Law and Policy, and Nanotechnology Law & Policy. Professor Marchant has served on two National Research Council committees, has been the principal investigator on several major grants, and has organized numerous academic conferences on law and science issues.

MPP, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 1990

JD, Harvard Law School, 1990

PhD, Genetics, University of British Columbia, 1986

BSc, University of British Columbia, 1980

Journal Articles


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Marchant, G. E., B. R. Allenby and J. R. Herkert eds. 2011. The Growing Gap between Emerging Technologies and Legal-Ethical Oversight: The Pacing Problem. Springer. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York.

Book Chapters


Marchant, G. E., K. W. Abbott, D. J. Sylvester and L. M. Gulley. 2012. Transnational new govenance and the international coordination of nanotechnology oversight. In: Dana, D. ed., The Nanotechnology Challenge: Creating Legal Institutions for Uncertain Challenges. Cambridge University Press.


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