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Arjun Heimsath

Arjun Heimsath

Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


School of Earth and Space Exploration
Arizona State University
PO Box 876004
Tempe, AZ 85287-6004


  • Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation
  • Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Affiliated Faculty, Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation


Arjun Heimsath grew up partly in the foothills of the Indian Himalaya and partly in the Hill Country of Texas, both of which led to his current passion for understanding how the earth’s surface works. His work as a Peace Corps water development engineer on the coast of Kenya led to his focus on environmental science, which he pursued in the Nepal Himalaya to quantify differences between human and natural processes of erosion. While struggling to understand all that controls erosion, Professor Heimsath “discovered” the field of geomorphology and focused his research efforts on the thin skin of the earth’s surface that is referred to as Earth’s critical zone. This zone is directly relevant to supporting human life and his main interests are in soil and water sustainability.


  • PhD, Geology, University of California-Berkeley, 1999
  • MS, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, 1993
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Yale College, 1989


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Journal Articles


Wang, X., K. Yoo, A. A. Wackett, J. Gutknecht, R. Amundson and A. Heimsath. 2018. Soil organic carbon and mineral interactions on climatically different hillslopes. Geoderma 322:71-80. DOI: 10.1016/j.geoderma.2018.02.021. (link )


Paige, J., K. Michelaki, C. Campisano, M. Barton and A. Heimsath. 2017. Are the intensities and durations of small-scale pottery firings sufficient to completely dehydroxylate clays? Testing a key assumption underlying ceramic rehydroxylation dating. Journal of Archaeological Science 79(Mar):44-52. DOI: 10.1016/j.jas.2017.01.009. (link )


Barton, C. M., I. I. Ullah, S. M. Bergin, H. Sarjoughian, G. R. Mayer, J. Bernabeu Auban, A. Heimsath, M. F. Acevedo, J. Riel-Salvatore and J. R. Arrowsmith. 2016. Experimental socioecology:Integrative science for anthropocene landscape dynamics. Anthropocene 13(Mar):34-45. DOI: 10.1016/j.ancene.2015.12.004. (link )


Barton, M., I. Ullah and A. Heimsath. 2015. How to make a barranco: Modeling erosion and land-use in Mediterranean landscapes. Land 4(3):578-606. DOI: 10.3390/land4030578. (link )