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Ariel Lugo

Ariel Lugo

Journal Articles


Lugo, A. E. 2018. Characterization of ten extreme disturbance events in the context of social and ecological systems. Biogeochemistry 1-16. DOI: 10.1007/s10533-018-0453-y. (link )


Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo, E. Melendez-Ackerman, L. E. Santiago-Acevedo, J. Seguinot-Barbosa, P. Mendez-Lazaro, M. Hall, B. Quintero, A. Ramirez, D. Garcia-Montiel, R. G. Pontius Jr, O. M. Ramos-Gonzalez, R. Santiago-Bartolomei, J. Verdejo-Ortiz, J. R. Ortiz-Zayas, C. M. Concepcion, D. Cusack, J. Giusti, W. McDowell, M. L. Cruz-Torres, J. Vallejo, L. Cray, J. Zimmerman, V. Cuadrado-Landrau and M. Figueroa. 2014. Knowledge to serve the city: Insights from an emerging knowledge-action network to address vulnerability and sustainability in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cities and the Environment 7(1):Art. 5. (link )

Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo and B. Quintero. 2014. Emerging synthesis themes from the study of social-ecological systems of a tropical city. Ecology and Society 19(3):Art. 23. DOI: 10.5751/ES-06385-190323. (link )


Lugo, A. E., C. M. Concepcion, L. E. Santiago-Acevedo, T. A. Munoz-Erickson, J. Verdejo-Ortiz, R. Santiago-Bartolomei, J. Forero-Montaña, C. J. Nytch, H. Manrique and W. Colon-Cortes. 2012. In search of an adaptive social-ecological approach to understanding a tropical city. Acta Cientifica. 26(1-3):121-134. (link )



Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo, I. M. Vila Biaggi and P. Mendez-Lazaro. 2018. From disaster to transformations: Synthesis and actions inspired by post Maria workshops (San Jan, PR). Presentation at the 3rd Annual UREx All Hands Meeting, March 19-21, 2018, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.


Munoz-Erickson, T. A. and A. E. Lugo. 2009. Developing a transdisciplinary research agenda for urban sustainable governance in San Juan, Puerto Rico: the Urban Long Term Research (ULTRA) network. Presentation July 6 at the 15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands.



Munoz-Erickson, T. A., A. E. Lugo, M. Figueroa and J. Ramos. 2008. Meeting Report: Setting an interdisciplinary research agenda for the San Juan ULTRA: Advancing conservation in a social context. Arizona State University. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Report Chapters


Yao, J., O. E. Sala and D. P. Peters. 2013. Cross-site studies "by design": Experiments and observations that provide new insights. Pp. 72-80 In: Peters, D. P., C. M. Laney, A. E. Lugo, S. L. Collins, C. T. Driscoll, P. M. Groffman, J. M. Grove, A. K. Knapp, T. K. Kratz, M. D. Ohman, R. B. Waide and J. Yao eds., Long-Term Trends in Ecological Systems: A Basis for Understanding Responses to Global Change. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Technical Bulletin 1931. Washington, D.C. (link )