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Anshuman Razdan

Anshuman Razdan

Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Affairs
Arizona State University
PO BOX 872703
Tempe, AZ 85287-2703


Razdan has a PhD in Computer Science and his research interests include surface and volume modeling and visualization. He is the technical lead in developing the Decision Theater at ASU.

Journal Articles


Karnick, P., S. Jeschke, D. Cline, A. Razdan, E. A. Wentz and P. Wonka. 2009. A shape grammar for developing glyph-based visualizations. Computer Graphics Forum 28(8):2176-2188. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8659.2009.01428.x. (link )


Zehnder, J. A., L. Zhang, D. Hansford, A. Razdan, N. J. Selover and C. M. Brown. 2006. Using digital cloud photogrammetry to characterize the onset and transition from shallow to deep convection over orography. Monthly Weather Review 134(9):2527-2546.

Book Chapters


Schurmans, U., D. L. Collins, A. Razdan, A. W. Simon, M. Marzke, P. H. McCartney, D. Van Alfen, G. Jones, M. Zhu, D. Liu, M. Bae, J. Rowe and G. Farin. 2002. Advances in geometric modeling and feature extraction on pots, rocks and bones for representation and query via the internet. Pp. 191-202 In: Burenhult, G. and J. Arvidsson eds., Archaeological Informatics: Pushing the Envelope. Archaeopress. Oxford.



Redman, C. L. and A. Razdan. 2004. ASU partnership for research in spatial modeling. Presented October 26, 2004 to the East Valley Water Forum SRP Office, Mesa, AZ.

Conference Papers


Razzouk, R., A. Razdan and A. P. Adhikari. 2015. The impact of educators' training in photovoltaic solar energy in developing countries. Seattle: Making Value for Society. 122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. Seattle, WA. (link )