Elizabeth Corley

  • Senior Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
  • Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs, College of Public Service & Community Solutions

School of Public Affairs
Arizona State University-Downtown
411 N Central Ave, Ste 480B
Phoenix, AZ 85004-3720
Email: Elizabeth.Corley@asu.edu
Web: http://www.public.asu.edu/~ecorley/


Elizabeth A. Corley is the Lincoln Professor of Public Policy, Ethics & Emerging Technologies and an Associate Professor in the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at Arizona State University. Her research interests focus on environmental policy, and her book titled Urban Environmental Policy Analysis (with Heather E. Campbell) was published by M.E. Sharpe in 2012.

Professor Corley currently serves as a Co-Principal Investigator for the NSF-funded Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University (CNS-ASU). Her published research has appeared in books and peer-reviewed journals, including Environmental Science & Technology, Evaluation & Program Planning, Evaluation Review, Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, Journal of Technology Transfer, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, Nature Nanotechnology, Policy Studies, Public Administration, Public Understanding of Science, Research in Higher Education, Research Policy, Review of Policy Research, Science Communication, Scientometrics, Social Science Journal, Society & Natural Resources, and Technovation. She is currently a member of the editorial board for Research Evaluation and Evaluation & Program Planning.

Professor Corley received a B.S.C.E. in Civil Engineering, an M.S.C.E. in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources, an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D. in Public Policy - all from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Before joining ASU, she held teaching and research positions at Georgia Tech, Bucknell University, and Columbia University.

For a PDF list of published peer-reviewed articles, please view Professor Corley's ResearcherID page at http://www.researcherid.com/rid/C-5905-2008.


environmental policy; science policy; technology policy


PhD, Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

MS, Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

MSCE, Water Resources and Environmental Hydraulics, Georgia Institute of Technology

BSCE, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Highest Honor), Georgia Institute of Technology

Journal Articles

In Press

Cacciatore, M. A., D. A. Scheufele and E. A. Corley. In Press. Another (methodological) look at knowledge gaps and the internet's potential for closing them. Public Understanding of Science

Corley, E. A., Y. Kim and D. A. Scheufele. In Press. The current status and future direction of nanotechnology regulations: A vew from nano-scientists. Review of Policy Research

Ho, S. S., D. A. Scheufele and E. A. Corley. In Press. Factors influencing public benefits-outweigh-risks perception of nanotechnology: Assessing the roles of mass media, interpersonal communication, and elaborative processing. Public Understanding of Science

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Campbell, H. E. and E. A. Corley. 2012. Urban Environmental Policy Analysis. M.E. Sharpe Inc. Armonk, NY.

Book Chapters


Corley, E. A. 2010. Scientists' attitudes toward nano. Pp. 704-706 In: Guston, D. H. ed., Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society. Sage Publications.



Peterson, A., P. Howe, M. White, D. D. White and E. A. Corley. 2006. Expert perspectives on science, politics, and water management in Phoenix. Poster presented at the 19 January 2006 CAP LTER 8th Annual Poster Symposium, Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. (link)

Peterson, K. A., P. Howe, A. White, D. D. White and E. A. Corley. 2006. Expert perspectives of science, politics, and water management in Phoenix. Poster presented at the May 3, 2006 Community of Undergraduate Research Scholars (COURS) Poster Symposium, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. (link)


Redman, C. L., G. Gammage, N. S. Jones, E. A. Corley, J. M. Holway, J. Keane, S. Megdal and R. Quay. 2004. Water supply in Greater Phoenix: Improving regional decision making through university partnerships. Poster presented at the 23 February 2004 Sixth Annual CAP LTER Poster Symposium, Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ. (link)



Cacciatore, M. A., D. A. Scheufele, S. K. Yeo, M. A. Xenos, D. Choi, D. Brossard and E. A. Corley. 2013. Misperceptions in polarized politics: The role of knowledge, religiosity, and media. Presentation at the 17-20 June 2013 63rd Annual Conference, Challenging Communication Research, London, UK.

Kim, Y., E. A. Corley and D. A. Scheufele. 2013. The role of social responsibility in leading nano-scientists' perceptions about nanotech research and regulation. Presentation at the 20-21 May 2013 First Annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, Chandler, Arizona.


Johns, K., J. Melkers and E. A. Corley. 2006. Emerging and developing social networks: Interdisciplinary collaboration with university-based science centers. Paper presented at the 2-4 November 2006 Twenty-Eighth Annual APPAM Research Conference, Tax and Spend: Designing, Implementing, Managing and Evaluating Effective Redistributional Policies, Madison, Wisconsin.

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