Patricia Gober

  • Senior Sustainability Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
  • Research Professor, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Founding Co-Director, Decision Center for a Desert City, 2004-2012, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
Arizona State University
PO Box 878209
Tempe, AZ 85287-8209


Dr. Gober was Co-Director of the National Science Foundation's Decision Center for a Desert City, which studies water management decisions in the face of growing climatic uncertainty in Greater Phoenix, from 2004-2012. She is currently a research professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University as well as professor of Public Policy in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan and affiliated faculty in the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan. Her current activities center on climate adaptation and water resources management in the USA and Canada.  She is especially interested in the use of science and visualization for real-world decision-making. Gober is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and was awarded the Prince Sultan Abdulaziz International Price for Water in 2008. She is currently co-chair of the USA’s National Climate Assessment Adaptation and Hazards Indicators Team.


resource governance; human dimensions of climate change; demography; urban geography; urban systems; water resource management


PhD, Geography, Ohio State University, 1975

MA, Geography, Ohio State University, 1972

BSEd, Geography, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 1970

Journal Articles

In Press

Lee, S. J., H. Chang and P. Gober. In Press. Space and Time Dynamics of Urban Water Demand in Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment DOI: 10.1007/s00477-014-1015-z.


Gober, P., G. E. Strickert, D. A. Clark, K. P. Chun, D. Payton and K. Bruce. 2015. Divergent perspectives on water security: Bridging the policy debate. The Professional Geographer 67(1):62–71. DOI: 10.1080/00330124.2014.883960.


Gober, P. and H. S. Wheater. 2014. Socio-hydrology and the science-policy interface: a case study of the Saskatchewan River Basin. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18(4):1413-1422. DOI: 10.5194/hess-18-1413-2014.

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Gober, P. 2006. Metropolitan Phoenix: Place Making and Community Building in the Desert. University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Book Chapters


Gober, P. 2014. Decision making under uncertainty: a new paradigm for water resources planning and management. Pp. 411-436 In: Wang, L. K. and C. T. Yang eds., Modern Water Resources Engineering. Humana Press. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-62703-595-8_8.

Gober, P., D. D. White, R. Quay, D. A. Sampson and C. W. Kirkwood. 2014. Socio-hydrology modelling for an uncertain future, with examples from the USA and Canada. In: Riddick, A. T., H. Kessler and J. R. Giles eds., Integrated Environmental Modelling to Solve Real World Problems: Methods, Vision and Challenges. Vol 408. The Geological Society of London. DOI: 10.1144/SP408.2. (link)

Wheater, H. S. and P. Gober. 2014. Meeting the science challenges of water security in the Saskatchewan River Basin: A regional hydroclimate project from western Canada. Proceedings of the Dooge-Nash International Symposium.

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Sampson, D. A., R. Quay, D. D. White and P. Gober. 2014. WaterSim: a brief history. Poster presented at the Water Resources Research Center 2014 Annual Conference: Closing the Gap Between Water Supply and Demand, April 8, 2014, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

Sampson, D. A., R. Quay, D. D. White and P. Gober. 2014. WaterSim: A brief history. Poster presented at the 16th Annual CAP LTER Poster Symposium and All Scientists Meeting, January 17, 2014, Skysong, Scottsdale, AZ. (link)


Chuang, W. and P. Gober. 2013. Human vulnerability to heat in Phoenix and Chicago: Spatial and temporal dimensions. Poster presented at the 11 January 2013, 15th Annual CAP LTER Poster Symposium and All Scientist Meeting 2013, Skysong, Scottsdale, AZ. (link)

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Gober, P. 2014. Water security in the Canadian Prairies: Science and management challenges. Presentation at the 2014 Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds Annual Conference: The Future of Water Management in Saskatchewan, March 19-21, 2014, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.


Gober, P. 2013. Scenario development and futures planning for the Saskatchewan River Basin. Presentation at the Below Your Watershed Conference 2013, October 21-23, 2013, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

White, D. D., P. Gober, D. A. Sampson, R. Quay and C. W. Kirkwood. 2013. Socio-hydrology modelling for an uncertain future, with examples from the USA and Canada. Presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 9-13, 2013, San Francisco, CA.

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Larson, K. L., D. D. White, P. Gober, C. W. Kirkwood, V. K. Smith, M. C. Nelson, C. L. Redman and S. K. Wittlinger. 2013. Advancing science in support of water policy and urban climate change adaptation at Arizona State University’s Decision Center for a Desert City: A synthesis of interdisciplinary research on climate, water, and decision making under uncertainty. Decision Center for a Desert City, Arizona State University. Technical Report 13-02. (link)


Gammage, G. In: Gober, P. ed., 2007. Proposition 207. Report for the Ninety First Arizona Town Hall, October 2007.