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The Business of Climate Change - A Call for Innovation

ASU Sustainability News grist School of Sustainability News

March 31, 2009

By Jessica Lagreid

Undergraduate, W.P. Carey School of Business

Student Worker, Global Institute Of Sustainability

Andy Hoffman"In periods of great flux and uncertainty, the people who love [change] are going to find opportunities," says Andrew J. Hoffman, the author of Climate Change: What's Your Business Strategy? (2008). Speaking to an ASU audience and reporters on Mar. 19, the University of Michigan professor of sustainable enterprise cast climate change as both a threat and an opportunity.

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Lebanese Architect Embraces “Poetry of Decay” Renovating War-Scarred Buildings

ASU Sustainability News grist School of Sustainability News

March 17, 2009

By Leah Starr, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury defies the norm with his avant-garde designs, which he builds in response to what he calls the “total denial period” following the political and civil unrest in Lebanon.

In a dimly lit room of the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in downtown Phoenix, Khoury addressed a crowd of over 200 recently as images of his past, current, and future projects were projected onto an overhead screen.

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‘Gurus’ Clean Up Campus with Powerful Recycling Mission

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February 25, 2009

Whispered rumors have reached us about a dedicated band of "Recycling Gurus" on ASU campuses who can enlighten students on how to improve the ecological footprints of their residence halls. The Gurus' mantra for recycling compactors: "No glass, no plastic bags, no pizza boxes." Repeat 50 times, please. We tracked down two of the Recycling Gurus and in a Q&A with the duo found out what makes them tick. Hailing from the Center Complex dorms, freshman Mechanical Engineering and Sustainability students Andrew Latimer and Alex Davis tell us more about their lives as Recycling Gurus...

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FBR Open Works to Get Greener

ASU Sustainability News grist School of Sustainability News

February 23, 2009


By Tara Alatorre, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

The golf course has gotten a little greener at the FBR Open in Scottsdale thanks to a two-year-old policy enacted to establish and encourage recycling. As a result, the nearly half a million fans at this year’s event, Jan. 29 - Feb. 1, had just as much fun as in previous years, but left behind a smaller percentage of trash destined for the landfill.

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