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August 6, 2012

Mick Dalrymple
Mick Dalrymple

Harvey Bryan
Harvey Bryan

In an Arizona Republic article, sustainability scientist Harvey Bryan and Energize Phoenix project manager Mick Dalrymple comment on energy conservation recently reported from state agencies.

"Only two areas can be measured: water and energy consumption. Energy is the one you can take to the bank," Bryan says.

New Energy Star buildings for Arizona's Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Administration, and Department of Health Services reduced energy use by 22.5 percent, exceeding each building's 2011 goal of 15 percent. The Governor's Office of Energy Policy hopes to increase the number of Energy Star building certifications after investing $3.5 million in federal stimulus funds into increasing the energy efficiency of state buildings over the past 18 months. The investments included retrofitting 10 of the 12 large state buildings with a more efficient compact fluorescent lighting.

"Lighting is by far the single most cost-effective retrofit that someone can do," says Dalrymple.

The article stresses the importance of individual actions towards more sustainable behavior.

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