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Since its inception, LightWorks has provided solutions to the world’s most pressing global energy challenges through a simple idea; energy from sunlight. We discover and invent energy solutions to the world’s fuel, electric and social challenges.

Accelerating Sustainability Ideas into Action

The LightWorks® Innovation Accelerator provides connectivity between ASU assets and researchers + government agencies, NGOs and corporations to solve sustainability challenges. Expanding on “Light-Inspired Solutions” and clean energy innovations, the LightWorks® Innovation Accelerator explores solutions in a broad range of sectors including: The Carbon Economy, Food Systems, IoT, Green Finance, Sustainable Engineering, and Clean Water.

Our goal is to solve the world’s most pressing challenges by creating an ecosystem of innovative technologies through interdisciplinary and “out of the box, “design thinking.

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LightWorks News

Perspective on the New Carbon Economy

Perspective on the New Carbon Economy

The economic and industrial developments that were fueled by the industrial revolution have made nations more productive than ever before and brought in significant social and lifestyle changes. However, they have also added approximately 2 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide to the earth’s atmosphere. Even though the presence of CO2 to such an extent...

Direct air capture of CO2 engineered design

Direct air capture of CO2 engineered design

The world can no longer postulate a scenario that maintains global temperature rise at or below 4 degrees C, without significant removal of existing CO2 from the air. Based on the amount of CO2 already in the atmosphere (over 406 ppm) and the steady increase in CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, even the best possible...

Can carbon-dioxide removal save the world?

Can carbon-dioxide removal save the world?

Carbon-dioxide removal could be a trillion-dollar enterprise because it not only slows the rise in CO2 but reverses it. Many companies are vying to prove that carbon removal is feasible, but also owe their origins to the ideas of a physicist and sustainability scientist named Klaus Lackner, who now works at Arizona State University. Featured in The New...

LightWorks Focus Areas

Solar Electric

To achieve sustained growth of solar electricity, the Solar Electric group will increase contribution of solar energy generation, enable systems that are scalable to market and continue cost and performance improvements.

Energy and Society

The Energy and Society group of LightWorks aims to transition toward a sustainable energy future by employing social and humanistic sciences that address and promote policy and public engagement.

Sustainable Fuels and Products

Sustainable Fuels and Products is a coordinated, interdisciplinary network of researchers within LightWorks that addresses high impact opportunities to enable and advance the production of sustainable fuels and products to meet society’s grand energy challenges.

Using Light to Solve Societal Challenges

Through a simple idea: energy from sunlight. We discover and invent energy solutions to the world’s fuel, electric and social challenges.

ASU LightWorks® envisions a resilient and equitable energy future supported by innovations in technology, policy, law, and markets. We pursue breakthroughs not just to power the world, but to empower it; to enrich people’s lives everywhere; to enlighten communities across the globe; to achieve energy security; to secure energy justice, and to inspire future generations.

LightWorks® pulls light-inspired research at Arizona State University under one strategic framework. It is a multidisciplinary effort to leverage ASU’s unique strengths, particularly in solar-electric energy, sustainable fuels and products, and energy and society.