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Since its inception, LightWorks has provided solutions to the world’s most pressing global energy challenges through a simple idea; energy from sunlight. We discover and invent energy solutions to the world’s fuel, electric and social challenges.

Remembering Milt Sommerfeld

ASU LightWorks remembers Milt Sommerfeld, a brilliant scientist with bubbling good humor who illuminated the world of algae while leaving a lasting impression on all who had the great privilege to meet him.

Tribute to Milt Sommerfeld

LightWorks Focus Areas

Solar Electric

To achieve sustained growth of solar electricity, the Solar Electric group will increase contribution of solar energy generation, enable systems that are scalable to market and continue cost and performance improvements.

Energy and Society

The Energy and Society group of LightWorks aims to transition toward a sustainable energy future by employing social and humanistic sciences that address and promote policy and public engagement.

Sustainable Fuels and Products

Sustainable Fuels and Products is a coordinated, interdisciplinary network of researchers within LightWorks that addresses high impact opportunities to enable and advance the production of sustainable fuels and products to meet society’s grand energy challenges.

LightWorks Innovation Accelerator

We bring together diverse groups of faculty to focus on real world problems, working in partnership with private industry, NGO’s and policy makers.