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Email Signatures

Email Signature Instructions

Signature file

To create the signature block on your computer follow these simple instructions:

  1. ‘Copy’ the entire signature block from one of the links above
  2. On the main Outlook toolbar, go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Options’
  3. Choose the ‘Mail’ tab and click the ‘Signatures’ button
  4. If there is an item in the ‘Select Signature to Edit’ box, select it and then click ‘Delete’
  5. Below the ‘Select Signature to Edit’ box, click ‘New’
  6. ‘Paste’ the new signature block using control+V (any other pasting options may result in lost formatting)
  7. Double-click each word or text block, such as first name, department, title, phone, etc. and type your information. This will replace the placeholder text with your text and maintain the formatting. (Please note that the website and social media channels in the signature block are hyperlinked to the Institute’s pages/accounts. If you are associated with a program that has dedicated website and/or social media accounts, you may change those hyperlinks to connect to your pages/accounts).
  8. Under ‘Choose Default Signature’ select the newly created signature for new emails
  9. Click ‘OK’. Your new email signature will appear immediately.

Reply messages

To implement the reply signature block on your computer follow these simple instructions, building off of the signature you have already implemented:

  1. Go to the email signature you just created by selecting the ‘File’ menu, ‘Options’, ‘Mail’ tab and the ‘Signatures’ button.
  2. Highlight your new saved signature block in the ‘Select Signature to Edit’ box
  3. Using your mouse, highlight the lines from your name down to your cell number (if included). Right-click and ‘Copy.’
  4. Click ‘New’ beneath the ‘Select Signature to Edit’ box
  5. Title this Signature “Reply” and click ‘OK’
  6. Paste the copied lines from your signature block into the ‘Edit signature’ box
  7. Delete all extra text and images, leaving just your name, job title, department, address and phone numbers
  8. On the right side, in the ‘Replies/forwards’ drop-down, choose “Reply”
  9. Click ‘Save’ and ‘OK’