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Events Process

  1. Receive an incoming request form or receive a request to check a newly created event in the database.
  2. If needed follow up with the client for any necessary information that was not supplied in the request form.
  3. Create a new event in the database from the request form or review the clients database event entry.
  4. Gather all images to be attached to event.
    • Feature Headshot Images: Headshot images should be a 150px X 170px JPG and should be optimized for the web
    • Header Image: Header images should be 640px X 200px (max height 240px) JPG and should be optimized for the web
  5. If this event needs a PDF flyer:
    • Follow up with the client and get a pre-approval before creating the event PDF.
    • Using a pre-existing event InDesign file create a working layout of the event.
    • Export the working layout as a PDF.
    • Lastly you will need to create a JPG thumbnail for the PDF and include it with the PDF.
      • Note: You are suggested to name the PDF and thumbnail all with the same file name based upon the slug of the event: e.g. example-event-20170501.PDF, example-event-20170501-thumbnail.JPG
      • Note: The PDF thumbnail images should be a 135px X 180px JPG
  6. Submit all images for your event via the Website and Communications Support form.
  7. Follow up with client before publishing the event.
  8. Publish the event upon clients approval.
  9. Promote the event on Facebook and Twitter if requested.
  10. Print promotional materials (eg. flyers, sandwich boards) if requested.