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Research Themes & Focus Areas

Research Themes & Focus Areas

Research Themes & Focus Areas

We Focus on Five Themes

Policy, Justice, and Culture

How food systems can be more accessible in terms of livelihoods and food security


How food systems can react to change and absorb environmental and other shocks without disruption

Agribusiness and Supply Chain

How food systems can operate efficiently and sustainably

Health and Nutrition

How food systems can support healthy food access and optimal health outcomes


How food can be understood – by consumers, advocates, researchers, and policy makers – from a systems perspective


P1010671Research carried out within the Food Systems Transformation Initiative is organized around five themes. Together, these thematic approaches define the broad approach to food systems sustainability that differentiates ASU’s activities from other universities’ approaches.The Food Systems Transformation Initiative is focused on impacting food systems in such a way as to create positive change in surrounding communities and around the world.

The Food Systems Transformation Initiative supports research in the following ways:

Building Collaboration

We act as a hub for faculty, making linkages across disciplines, supporting collaboration and providing assistance when applying for funding. By engaging ASU faculty, the Food Systems Transformation Initiative will drive research activities with a focus on transformative change, and engage more faculty in the vision of the Initiative.

We also work with community stakeholders who are at the front lines of change and understand best what resources are needed to improve food systems locally. See our list of Current Partners.

Supporting students

An innovation challenge opportunity will be launched shortly in relation to food systems transformation. Check back soon for details.