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Webinar 3: Recycling CO2 to Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel

Webinar 3: Recycling CO2 to Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel.

Session 3 in the Future of Sustainable Transportation Fuels webinar series took place July 28, 2015 and included the emerging technological possibilities for captured CO2 from waste streams (or directly from the atmosphere) and using it as a pre-concentrated carbon source to produce transportation fuels.

CO2-to-Fuels is a research trajectory where the policy risks are unknown because of its intersection with the complex politics of mitigating the risk of climate change and constructing carbon policy. Some think affordable CO2-to-fuels would be a major feat of science and engineering that is achievable – others question both achievability and the wisdom of a technology that recycles the carbon back to the fuels system.

July 28th, 2015