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Linda's Email Template

May 12, 2011

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you to those who sent material outlining possible proposals for the upcoming PIRE opportunity. While NSF has not announced the competition yet, we are watching for an announcement any day now.

The two of us have reviewed the material submitted and have made some suggested alignments in the attached document. This is our attempt to summarize the potential areas of collaboration amongst individuals at ASU for the PIRE competition. These alignments are just our suggestions as we do not have any authority to make people work together. However, in reviewing the submissions, there are several areas where groups of potential applicants might be strengthened by combining efforts. If we have made errors in this alignment, we apologize. Please recognize that we undertook this as an attempt to promote collaboration before the ASU limited submission process and start the dialog to building the strongest possible submission from ASU.

Matt Fraser
Director Research Development, Global Institute of Sustainability

Ann Kinzig
Chief Research Strategist, Global Institute of Sustainability

May 11, 2011