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Sustainability Events

Ethics and Sustainable Practices

Sustainability Series

Richard Morrison

  • Managing Member, Morrison Brothers Windmill Ranch, LLC
  • Co-founder, ASU's Morrison Institute

In this talk, Richard Morrison will describe his experience in both managing business enterprises and counseling professional clients with reference to ethical standards and, specifically, what he calls a “standard of public virtue.” He will argue that a commitment to sustainable business practices is necessary for the common good.

Morrison received his law degree from the University of Houston in 1977. He is an attorney, a partner in several farming and ranching businesses, and an Episcopal priest, having received a master's from the San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1991. He chairs the advisory board of ASU’s Morrison Institute, which he co-founded in response to Arizona’s growing need for objective research on public-policy issues.

In 2011, Morrison received an honorary degree from the University of Arizona for his legal and professional contributions to natural-resources leadership, resolution of Indian water rights claims, and infusion of ethical considerations into managing and conserving natural resources.

Monday, April 29, 2013
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.