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Renewable Energy, Green Building & Sustainability Seminar

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This seminar will highlight the green trend in the energy and environment area, explaining the financial, scientific and regulatory drivers behind the coming green revolution in managing industrial assets, "green buildings," and governmental operations, including environmental and energy aspects of commercial facility management. The speakers represent some of the leading Arizona and national companies involved in these issues. It is predicted that most companies and organizations will end up following the lead of these innovators represented here, and that many 'green jobs' will be created in the upcoming few years with respect to the issues being discussed by these speakers. To register, contact the Office of Environmental Technology, Arizona State University Polytechnic by calling Denise Kolisar at (480) 727-1825, or faxing (480) 727-1684 or go to Fee of $245.00 includes lunch, breakfast snacks, beverages & parking. You will receive the very useful reference manual and a copy of the indexed and helpful powerpoint manual.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011