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Sustainability Events

Diggin' Off-Grid on the Navajo Nation

Plateau Solar Project

For two weeks in May, ASU students and faculty members helped install solar-based, off-grid living solutions for elders in remote areas of the Leupp Chapter on the Navajo Nation. This service-learning trip, organized by ASU College of Technology and Innovation's GlobalResolve program, was part of the Plateau Solar Project, which provides underserved Navajo communities with renewable energy, clean water, sanitation, weatherization services, and solar maintenance.

Join the principals of the project, lead faculty, and students for a discussion about trench digging, structure building, and solar installation.

Introduced by Dan O’Neill, general manager of ASU's Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives' Sustainability Solutions Extension Service and moderated by Dr. Mark Henderson, director of GlobalResolve and professor in the College of Technology and Innovation.

Elsa Johnson, executive director, IINA Solutions
Mark Snyder, CEO, Mark Snyder Electric
Michael Funk, graduate student, College of Technology and Innovation
Hyejung Lim, undergraduate student, School of Sustainability

The Plateau Solar Project is a joint initiative of IINA Solutions, a Navajo nonprofit, and Mark Snyder Electric.

Monday, September 24, 2012
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.