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Sustainability Events

Asian Perspectives on Sustainable Development

Sustainability Series

Pamela Mar

  • Fellow, Fung Global Institute
  • Project Director, Fung Group

Asia is forecasted to become a major driver of global economic growth, while simultaneously making significant strides in environmental protection and social development. It is increasingly clear that growth models of the past are not sustainable; Asia needs to rethink how it grows to ensure that social progress and environmental protection can coexist and even reinforce business activity. This global challenge is particularly resonant in Asia, where wide-scale human needs rub against the possibility of progress.

In this talk, Pamela Mar will highlight the factors that will impact Asian development and discuss how business, policymakers, and civil society can help spur a more sustainable growth.

Pamela Mar’s work focuses on Asian development, corporate sustainability, international trade, economics, and strategy. Prior to her current positions, she was the director of the Global Finance Center of TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings, associate director for China at World Economic Forum, and worked at the Population and Community Development Association based in Bangkok. Pamela has authored several books, including Global Future: The Next Challenge of Asian Business.

Thursday, March 28, 2013
9:00 - 10:30 a.m.