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Map of Life – Advancing and Using Global Species Distribution Information for Research and Conservation

Walter Jetz

  • Director, Yale Program in Spatial Biodiversity Science and Conservation
  • Senior Scientist, Ecosystems and the Environment, Imperial College London

An explicit understanding of the distribution of species in space and time, and across scales, is at the core of many questions and applications in biology and resource management. Walter Jetz will discuss the central connection between representative species occurrence information and the measurement of diversity and its change. He will highlight recent advances in capturing global species distributions in a more integrated way, based on a combination of different data types and remote sensing information, and he will introduce the Map of Life project, which aims to support this integration and the development of a more representative and sound species distribution for use in research, monitoring, and conservation.

A Hugh Hanson Seminar
Co-presented by the School of Life Sciences and
The Center for Biodiversity Outcomes

Additional Sponsors
ASU School of Life Sciences Hugh Hanson Seminar Series

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.