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What Would Nature Do? Biomimicry as a Path to Sustainability

Wrigley Lecture Series

Janine Benyus

  • Author and President, Biomimicry Institute

Biomimicry is a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature's time-tested ideas. The goal is to create products, processes, companies and policies that are well adapted to life on earth over the long haul. Biomimics around the world are learning to adhere like a gecko, cool buildings like a termite, make fiber optics like a sea sponge, repel microbes (without antibiotics) like a kelp, and run a business like a redwood forest. In the process, they're creating new ways of living. Janine Benyus, author of the paradigmshifting Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, will discuss how bio-inspired innovation could solve "grand challenges" while funding the conservation of life's genius.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009