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Sustainability Events

Natural Capitalism, Path to Sustainability in Education- And a Lot Else

Hunter Lovins

  • President/Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions

A world facing climate change and deteriorating natural systems is a challenging place to do business. Hunter Lovins argues that the best way to achieve true competitive advantage in today's world is exactly the sort of behavior that will solve the problems facing us. She will describe a new approach to business, Natural Capitalism, that enables communities, companies, and universities to gain this competitive advantage, now and far into the future.

Using resources more productively, redesigning products and processes in the way that nature does business, and managing institutions to be restorative can enhance every aspect of shareholder value. Such increases in sustainable business behavior improve profitability, attract and retain the best workers, reduce risk, and make business more fun. Hunter will present real-life applications of this philosophy in a business and university context.

Friday, October 6, 2006