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Sustainability Events

DCDC Water/Climate Briefing:
Regional Comparative Evaluation of Sustainable Water Management Strategies

Decision Center for a Desert City

Ross Maciejewski

  • IPA 3 Co-Lead, Assistant Professor School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Chris Meenan

  • Economic Analyst, Las Vegas Valley Water District

Ray Quay

  • IPA 3 Co-Lead, Research Professional, Decision Center for a Desert City

David Sampson

  • IPA 3 Co-Lead, Research Scientist, Decision Center for a Desert City

Dave White

  • Moderator and Director, Decision Center for a Desert City

Simulations, Visual Analytics, and Scenarios

The Decision Center for a Desert City (DCDC) at ASU is entering its third phase of use-inspired sustainability science on decision making under climatic, biophysical, and societal uncertainties. DCDC III research will be carried out in four Integrated Project Areas (IPA).

IPA 3 will use simulation modeling and visual analytics of biophysical and socioeconomic drivers of regional water-systems to compare and evaluate sustainable water management strategies for Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

This will include incorporating the biophysical hydroclimate modeling of IPA 1, the social and institutional drivers of water use and decision making being explored by IPA 2, and the initial conceptual structure of sustainable transition strategies that will be explored by IPA 4.

The panel will explore the existing state of water system modeling for Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix, the possible options for comparative modeling between the three regions, and the potential inputs, output metrics, and scenarios being considered by the other IPAs.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016
12:00 - 1:30 p.m.