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Annual Keynote Event:
Streaming Ahead: Unpacking Australia’s Urban Water Transition

Decision Center for a Desert City

Megan Farrelly, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer School of Social Sciences Project Leader CR Water Sensitive Cities | Monash Water for Livability Chair, International Working Group for Water Sensitive Urban Design Monash University, Australia

Global Drought and Water Shortage: Contemporary Australian Urban Water Practices

Confronted with rapidly growing populations, increasing climate stress, and uncertain supplies of natural resources, the livability of urban environs is seriously challenged.

Conventional, centralized, technical infrastructure systems, such as urban water and energy, are increasingly ill-equipped to meet these challenges, or to build the resilience that will safeguard our urban spaces as multifunctional, socio-cultural, and aesthetic spaces affording people safe and healthy lifestyles. Building such resilience requires a fundamental shift in environmental governance practices, which raises a core question: How can we best support this change? An emerging response lies in the view we can actively steer or facilitate a sustainability transition.

Dr. Farrelly will showcase contemporary Australian urban water practices and unpack the key socio-institutional ingredients that have helped guide this shift in practice.

A particular focus will be on how the city of Melbourne has become regarded as a front runner for advancing alternative urban water practices.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016
10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.