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Teacher Toolbox

Ecology Explorer Resources for Teachers

The Ecology Explorers program puts the knowledge and expertise of ASU’s Central Arizona-Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research project into the hands of educators and students. Our teacher materials are developed in collaboration with scientists, graduate students, and other education partners. We have intentionally designed these resources to develop student skills for planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, and communicating evidence-based information.

Lesson Plans

We have developed a variety of lessons that support conceptual understandings in urban ecology and sustainability, as well as integrate with our scientific protocols and games. While our Ecology Explorer lesson plans can be delivered independently, all lessons support multiple themes. You’ll find all of our lessons below, both alphabetically by title, and grouped by various topics to inspire ideas for possible units:

Guides to Research Protocols

The guides for the scientific activities for this web site are included here as PDF files formatted for printing. They also indicate the science standards that each activity fulfills. You can download the entire guide or the sections you need. When your class has completed an activity, considering sharing your data with ASU scientists.

Any of these scientific activities can be applied to students’ backyards as research sites.
View Complete Activity Guide

Additional Resources

Ecology Explorers has created these presentations and interactive resources you can use in your classroom.

Educator PD

We regularly offer professional development workshops for educators.

Meet the Scientist Videos

Meet the scientists in the Phoenix area who are studying our unique urban ecology.

Games for Learning

These interactive games supplement your students’ ecological learning.

Slide sets

Presentations and graphics to support and supplement our lessons and protocols.

Teacher support

Learn about our Ecology Explorer classroom visitation opportunities, guided field trips, or scientific kits available for checkout.


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