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Subject Number Course Title Class Title Cross-Listed UG/GRD Level Focused or Related Description
ABS 441 Ecological Restoration Practcm UG SF Field experience in the evaluation and monitoring of implemented ecological restoration projects.
ABS 440 Ecological Restoration Techniq UG SF Techniques for ecological restoration, riparian and wetland restoration, and monitoring restoration success.
ABS 460 Organic Gardening n/a n/a UG SF Applies principles and practices of organic gardening in the low desert, including environmental impacts of modern food production.
ABS 270 Sustainable Biological Systems n/a n/a UG SF Ecological foundations of sustainable biological systems, anthropogenic impacts on ecosystem structure and function, and ecological risk assessment.
USL 210 SrvcLrning:Intro Commty Issues UG SR Correlates academic coursework with community service and provides reflection opportunities that examine community needs, the importance of civic engagement and an introduction to the effects of social injustice affecting ethnic minorities and other marginalized populations in contemporary American society. Students dedicate 70 hours at a preapproved site (including Title I K-12 schools, youth programs, health services, social services, environmental programs, government agencies) directly serving a population in need or supporting activities that contribute to the greater good of our community. Weekly seminar, course readings, discussions, and reflection assignments facilitate critical thinking and a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, citizenship, and how to contribute to positive social change in our community. Provides "real-world" experiences that exercise academic skills and knowledge applicable to each student’s program of study and career goals.
URB 405 Citizen Engagement & Com Bldg UG SR Develops a conceptual, critical, and practical understanding of urban dwellers’ involvement in community affairs as citizens and as builders of vital neighborhoods and vibrant cities.
SES 194 Special Topics Energy in Everyday Life UG SR Covers topics of immediate or special interest to a faculty member and students.