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SustainabilityConnect is an outlet for individuals within the Arizona State University community and the broader Phoenix Metro Area to come together and work collaboratively to address real-world sustainability issues.

At SustainabilityConnect we specialize in helping individuals and organizations realize their sustainability goals by creating and coordinating sustainability projects and then archiving them in our database.

Any ASU student, faculty, staff, or community partner can submit a project proposal or search the database for a project that they would like to participate in.

Our goal at SustainabilityConnect is to foster collaboration between academic and professional experts while providing students with an applied learning environment.

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Creating Projects

A sustainability project begins with an idea or a need for change. In many cases, ideas for projects and needs for change arise from the work of ASU staff or community partners, but ASU faculty and students can also submit projects. A project coordinator from the SustainabilityConnect team then works with the project initiator to develop the proposal and structure it into a solid sustainability project.

Coordinating Projects

The project coordinator assists in building an appropriate team of students and experts in the field, being careful to match academic and professional experts who complement each others' knowledge and expertise in order to create the most effective team. After the team is assembled, the project coordinator actively facilitates the progress of the project. In a typical project, students conduct the majority of the project work and research with academic guidance from faculty and professional guidance from staff and community partners.

Archiving Projects

At the completion of each project, the students complete a report detailing the results of the project. This document is uploaded to our database where other users can view it. We believe this is an important step to inspire future research and to encourage the continuation of projects.