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Thesis and Disertations

Thesis and Disertations


Eagar, J. 2016. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) redistribution in extreme dust storms and processing in clouds. (Ph.D. Chemistry, P. Herckes).

Fan, C. 2016. A spatial statistical framework for evaluating landscape pattern and its impacts on the urban thermal environment. (Ph.D. Geography, S. Myint).

Song, J. 2016. Urban microclimate response to landscape changes via land-atmosphere interactions. (Ph.D. Hydrosystems Engineering, Z. Wang).

Stotts, R. 2016. Cross-cultural threats to water supplies and future approaches for water management. (Ph.D. Anthropology, A. Wutich).

Suchy, A. 2016. Denitrification in accidental urban wetlands: Exploring the roles of water flows and plant patches. (Ph.D. Ecology, D. Childers).

Yang, J. 2016. Urban green infrastructure: Modeling and implications to environmental sustainability. (Ph.D. Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering, Z. Wang).


Ackley, W. Jeffrey. 2015. Rich lizards: How affluence, land cover, and the urban heat island effect influence desert reptiles persisting in an urban landscape. (Ph.D. Biology, J. Wu).

Bleasdale, Tommy. 2015. Gardens of justice: Food-based social movements in underserved, minority communities. (Ph.D., Environmental Social Sciences, S. Harlan).

Chapman, Eric. 2015. Theoretical and empirical investigations of ecosystem development in boreal wetlands. (Ph.D., Environmental Life Sciences, D. Childers).

Heavenrich, Hannah. 2015. Soil biogeochemical consequences of a “sustainable” urban grassland to shrubland transition. (M.S. Biology, S. Hall).

Kane, Kevin. 2015. A century of land use change change in metropolitan Phoenix (Ph.D., Geography, B. ÓhUallacháin).

Marcotte, Aurelie. 2015. Processing of trace metals in atmospheric particulate matter (Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, P. Herckes).


Barry, Michelle. 2014. Overcoming the impacts of extreme weather and dissolved organic matter on the treatability of water using ozone. (Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, P. Westerhoff).

Cook, Elizabeth M. 2014. Direct and indirect ecological consequences of human activities in urban and native ecosystems (Ph.D., Plant Biology, S. Hall).

Davies, Scott. 2014. Investigating the influence of food on reproductive physiology and gonad growth: Urbanization as a natural experiment (Ph.D., Biology, P. Deviche).

Kaplan, Shai. Natural desert and human controlled landscapes: Remote sensing of LULC response to drought. (Ph.D., Geography, S. W. Myint).

Rice, Jacelyn. 2014. Modeling occurrence and assessing public perceptions of de facto wastewater reuse across the USA (Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, P. Westerhoff).

Wong, Christina. 2014. Managing for urban ecosystem services: The Green Yongding Ecological Corridor (Ph.D., Sustainability, A. Kinzig).

Wyant, Karl. 2014. Soil moisture availability and energetic controls on belowground network complexity and function in arid ecosystems (Ph.D., Biology, J. Sabo).


Chuang, Wen-Ching. 2013. Vulnerability to heat stress in urban areas: A sustainability approach. (Ph.D., Sustainability, P. Gober).

Declet-Barreto, Juan. 2013. A socio-ecological understanding of extreme heat vulnerability in Phoenix, Arizona (Ph.D., School of Human Evolution and Social Change, B. Bolin and S. Harlan).

Deitrick, Stephanie. 2013. Implicit visualization as usable science visualizing uncertainty as decision outcomes. (Ph.D., Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, E. Wentz).

Hale, Rebecca L. 2013. Coupled hydrology and biogeochemistry in social-ecological watersheds (Ph.D., Biology, N. B. Grimm).

Hamilton, George Alex. 2013. Soot black carbon dynamics in an arid/urban ecosystem (Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry, H. Hartnett).

Ibes, Dorothy C. 2013. Advancing sustainable urbanism through civic space planning and design (Ph.D., E. Talen).

Iwaniec, David. 2013. Crafting sustainability visions – integrating visioning practice, research, and education (Ph.D., Sustainability, A. Wiek).

Marusenko, Yevgeniy. 2013. Niche differentiation of ammonia-oxidizing microbial communities in arid land soils (Ph.D., Environmental Life Sciences, S. Hall and F.Garcia-Pichel).

Ouyang, Yun. 2013. Relationship between single-family residential water use and its determinants: A spatio-temporal study in the Central Arizona-Phoenix region. (Ph.D., Sustainability, E. A. Wentz and B. Ruddell).

Strawhacker, Colleen. 2013. Sustaining irrigation agriculture for the long-term: Lessons on maintaining soil quality from ancient agricultural fields in the Phoenix Basin and on the North coast of Peru. (Ph.D., Anthropology, K. Spielmann).

Taylor, Carissa. 2013. Food security and financial success in central Arizona Farmers’ markets: Presences, Absences, lived experience, and governance. (Ph.D., Sustainability, R. Aggarwal, A. York, C. Wharton).

Volo, Thomas. 2013. Modeling soil moisture dynamics of landscape irrigation in desert cities. (M.S., Engineering, E. R. Vivoni).

Weller, Nicholas. 2013. Community composition and nitrogen retention in an aridland wastewater treatment wetland. (Honors thesis, Barrett, the Honors College).

Zhang, Sainan. 2013. Socio-ecological drivers and consequences of land fragmentation under conditions of rapid urbanization (Ph.D., Sustainability, C.G. Boone).