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Biogeochemical Patterns, Processes, and Human Outcomes

Program Abstracts

Cook, Elizabeth M., Sharon J. Hall, Ryan Sponseller, David P. Huber, Stevan R. Earl, and Nancy B. Grimm. Atmospheric nitrogen deposition in arid Phoenix, Arizona: A comparison of sampling approaches.

Gifford, Mac, and Paul Westerhoff. Making biofuel renewable: Sustainable phosphorus recovery from microbial biomass.

Hale, Rebecca, Laura Turnbull, Stevan Earl, and Nancy Grimm. Effects of urban stormwater infrastructure and spatial scale on nutrient export and runoff from semi-arid urban catchments.

Hamilton, Alex, and Hilairy Hartnett. Depth distribution and photo-reactivity of black carbon in Survey200 soils.

Marusenko, Yevgeniy M., Karl A. Wyant, Sharon J. Hall, and John L. Sabo. Dynamics of urban biogeochemical cycling coupled with the interactions between soil microbial communities, the belowground food web, and land-use type in an arid ecosystem.

Weller, Nicholas, Laura Turnbull, and Dan L. Childers. The influence of storm characteristics and catchment structure on particulate organic matter transport in an arid city.

Climate, Ecosystems, and People

Martin, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Ruddell. Managing the effects of climate change on water and energy resources in the western U.S. using embedded resource accounting.

Middel, Ariane, Anthony J. Brazel, Shai Kaplan, and Soe W. Myint. Summer cooling efficiency of landscapes in Phoenix, AZ.

Pincetl, Stephanie, Michael Chester, Mike McCoy, Giovanni Circella, Paul Bunje, Zoe Elizabeth, Dan Flaming, Dan Gallagher, and Janet Ferrell. Complementing urban metabolism with life-cycle assessment for a Los Angeles energy baseline.


Bernier, Andrew, and students. Ecology Explorers: K-12 student contributions to the CAP LTER project.

Hale, Taylor, and students. Ecology Explorers: K-12 student contributions to the CAP LTER project.

Lansdowne, Kimberly, and students. Ecology Explorers: K-12 student contributions to the CAP LTER project.

Human Decisions and Biodiversity

Arnold, Susanne, and Jean Stutz. Impact of restoration practices on mycorrhizal inoculum potential in a semi-arid riparian ecosystem.

Aronson, Myla F. J., Madhusudan Katti, Frank A. La Sorte, Charles H. Nilon, Paige S. Warren, Mark Goddard, Christopher Lepczyk, and Nicholas S. G. Williams. What concrete jungle? A global analysis of urban biodiversity.

Beebe, Shaneen, Heather Bateman, and Kiril Hristovski. Burrowing Owl habitat selection in urban southeast Phoenix, Arizona.

Davies, Scott, Kirsten Heller, Kyle Waites, and Pierre Deviche. The influence of urbanization on the reproductive phenology and morphometrics of the Abert’s Towhee.

Ferry, Lara. Food webs in urban fish “communities” from the Salt River Project canals.

Miles, Lindsay, Robert Ziemba, J. Chadwick Johnson, and Brian Verrelli. A population genetic approach to investigate effects of urbanization and habitat fragmentation on the western black widow spider, Latrodectus hesperus.

Ramirez, Brenda, Yevgeniy Marusenko, and Sharon J. Hall. Characterizing ammonia oxidizing communities under legumes and non-legume plants in the Sonoran Desert.

Ripplinger, Julie, and Janet Franklin. CAP LTER plant species diversity responds to land use and landscape aesthetics.

Schmoker, Michelle K., Elizabeth M. Cook, Stephanie Amaru, Jennifer K. Learned, Scott L. Collins, and Sharon J. Hall. Bottom-up vs. top-down regulation of desert annual plants in an urban arid ecosystem.

Still, Megan, Lara Ferry, and J. Chadwick Johnson. Exotic urban crayfish and the threatened Sonoran Desert pupfish: Do behavior and chemical cues mediate this predator-prey relationship?

Stromberg, Juliet, Heather Bateman, Elizabeth Makings, Nico Franz, Helen Rowe, Stacie Beute, Amanda Suchy, Dustin Wolkis, Brenton Scott, and Rebecca DePuydt. Inventory and monitoring of the Salt River in Phoenix.

Trubl, Patricia, and J. Chadwick Johnson. The urban stoichiometry of an arthropod pest, predator-prey system across metropolitan Phoenix.

Volo, Thomas J., Enrique R. Vivoni, Chris A. Martin, and Stevan Earl. Modeling soil moisture and plant stress under irrigated conditions in semi-arid urban areas.

Warkus, Erica, Dana Nakase, Sharon J. Hall, Osvaldo Sala, and Jennifer K. Learned. Spatial associations between surface rocks and succulents in the Agua Fria National Monument.

Weaver, Melinda, Mathieu Giraudeau, and Kevin McGraw. Response to predator scent by House Finches across an urban-rural gradient.

Land Use, Land Cover, and Land Architecture

Bleasdale, Thomas H., and Sharon L. Harlan. The formation of an urban food desert: Struggle for a just food system in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brumand, Jaleila. The effects of formal and informal institutions on residential land management in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Connors, John P., and Christopher S. Galletti. Characterizing spatial structure in Phoenix and its implications for ecosystem services.

Childs, Cameron. Power, learning, and institutions in an emerging adaptive co-management collaboration.

Tuccillo, Joseph, Abigail York, Briar Schoon, and Bob Bolin. Zoning, land-use fragmentation, and environmental injustice in early Phoenix.

Turner, V. Kelly, and Christopher Galletti. Ecosystem services in sustainable planned communities: Do they deliver?

Zhang, Sainan, Christopher G. Boone, Susannah Lerman, and Abigail M. York. A multi-scale study of the relationship among land composition, land fragmentation, and bird biodiversity in the Phoenix area.

Water Dynamics in a Desert City

Bausch, Julia C., John P. Connors, Cathy Rubinos, Hallie Eakin, Rimjhim Aggarwal, and Abigail York. Agriculture around a desert city: Perspectives on decisions for water, land, and livelihood.

Earl, Stevan. Ecosystem metabolism in an effluent-derived, arid-land river estimated from diurnal dissolved-oxygen profiles.

Epshtein, Olga, Laura Turnbull, and Stevan Earl. Modeling runoff response of pervious pavement systems at a catchment scale.

Hodzic, Mirna, Meredith Gartin, Alyson Young, Amber Wutich, and Alexandra Brewis. Ethno-etiologies of water-borne disease: Global divergences and convergences.

Kaplan, Shai, and Soe W. Myint. Estimating outdoor water consumption in a coupled human-environment system using remote sensing.

Nzengya, Daniel. Attitudes and perceptions of urban households in sub-Saharan Africa on water sources, threats and sustainability: A preliminary study in Bondo, Kenya.

Sampson, David A., and Ray Quay. An application programmer’s interface (API) to WaterSim; WaterSim 5.0.

Sanchez, Chris, Dan L. Childers, Laura Turnbull, and Nicholas Weller. The contribution of evapotranspiration to the water budget of the Tres Rios constructed wastewater treatment wetland.

Vins, Holly, Melissa Beresford, Alissa Ruth, Christopher Roberts, Alexandra Brewis, and Amber Wutich. The Science of Water Art: A citizen science project.