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Graduate Grant Recipients


Brittany Allen
Research project: Urban Heat Island Effect and Rodent Body Condition

Aaron Grade
Research project: Do human-provided resources buffer the effects of drought on bird abundances in residential neighborhoods?

Florian Schneider
Research project: Project MaRTiny: Data analysis and validation of low-cost sensors measuring thermal conditions and space use

Kayla Tarr
Research project: Long-Term Monitoring of Urban Ecological Infrastructure for Stormwater Management at ASU

Amanda Trakas
Research project: Where the Water Flows: Plant Selection for Rapid Infiltration in Biodetention Basins in Maricopa County

Eric Vahid
Research project: The Impacts of Residential Flood Irrigation and Yard Management on Gaseous Nitrogen Losses in the Phoenix Metro Area, AZ

Emily Webb
Research project: Life-history variation in carotenoid profiles of an urban songbird


Anthony Basile
Research project: Effect of Anthropogenic, Western Diet Foods on Avian Abundance, Richness, and Metabolic Physiology

Ryan Clark
Research project: A Field Comparison of Western Black Widows: Does Behavior Differ Between Urban and Desert Habitats?

Jessica Dwyer
Research project: Bat habitat use along the graident of urbanization in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Stephen Elser and Michelle Stuhlmacher
Research project: Ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure: expanding knowledge on the Phoenix metropolitan area

Jeffrey Haight
Research project: Biophysical and Socioeconomic Influences on Spatial Patterns of Urban Mammal Communities

Timothy Ohlert
Research project: Drought impacts on desert ecosystems

Sarah Polekoff
Research project: Adapting to city life: physiology and behavior of urban and desert House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus)

Zhaocheng Wang
Research project: Understanding Urban Irrigation Impact by Coupling Machine Learning and Physical Based Model in a Desert Urban Environment

Megan Wheeler
Research project: Land managers drive long-term and annual plant community dynamics: A case study of change over time in Phoenix residential yards

Mary Wright and Peter Crank
Research project: A comprehensive assessment of the thermal environment of two PASS neighborhoods


Riley Andrade
Research project: Linking human-environment interactions with community ecology in urban ecosystems

Alicia Hinterlong
Research project: The effects of urbanization on the wildlife community across the CAP LTER in the Phoenix Valley

Marina Lauck
Research project: Effects of Variable Inundation Patterns on Wetland Plant Communities and Nitrogen Uptake in the Salt River Wetlands

Christopher Sanchez
Research project: Design process and outcomes of designed experiments using Urban Ecological Infrastructure (UEI): a case-study

Michelle Stuhlmacher
Research project: Quantifying Landscape Architecture Dynamics in Tempe’s Rio Salado

Kate Weiss
Research project: Assessing Mammalian Functional Diversity Across a Gradient of Urbanization in the Phoenix Valley

Nicholas Weller
Research project: Extreme Heat Public Forums: Perspectives of participants and policy makers in Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, and St. Paul, MN


Melissa Davidson and Yeowon Kim
Research project: Alternative Futures for Phoenix Neighborhoods: A downscaling approach to scenario development

Cyrus Hester
Research project: Developing a Novel Paleoecological Approach for Studying Long-term, Heavy Metal Pollution in the Greater Phoenix Area

Pierce Hutton and Emily Webb
Research project: Urban Impacts on Life History Strategy in a Common Desert Songbird

Ivan Lopez-Castrillo
Research project: Regional Urban Ecohydrological Assessment of Rainfall-Runoff Relations and their Hydrologic Modeling

Eli Perez-Ruiz
Research project: Evaluation of the Net Ecosystem Exchange across different landscapes in Phoenix, Arizona

Jazmine Russell
Research project: Utilizing remotely sensed data to monitor algal blooms and water quality in Arizona reservoirs

Megan Wheeler
Research project: Effects of nutrient enrichment on annual plant community composition in the northern Sonoran Desert

Qunshan Zhao
Research project: Impact of tree locations and arrangements on outdoor microclimate and human thermal comfort in a compact urban residential environment


Riley Burnette
Research project: Social-spatial analyses of environmental attitudes in Phoenix, Arizona: 2006, 2011, and beyond

Christine DeMeyers
Research project: The intersection of ecosystem services, homelessness, and water insecurity in Phoenix

Nicole Pierini
Research project: Evaluating water, energy, and carbon fluxes across four distinct land cover types in a desert urban environment

Ruby Upreti
Research project: Modeling the impact of urban trees on regional hydroclimate

Shelley Valle
Research project: Effect of the Phoenix urban heat island on metabolic and reproductive physiology of a resident songbird


Chao Fan
Research project: Compact or sprawl? Impacts of urban form on climate change

Benjamin MacNeille
Research project: Building an understanding of the urban phyllosphere in Phoenix: The next steps

Julie Ripplinger
Research project: Survey 200: A powerful tool for examining urban vegetation change under the great recession

Melinda Weaver
Research project: Stress in the city: Correlation between behavior and stress hormone levels in house finches (Haemorhous mexicanus)

Qunshan Zhao
Research project: Rooftop surface temperature analysis in urban residential environment


Benjamin MacNeille
Research project: Building an understanding of the urban phyllosphere in Phoenix: The first steps

Christy Rose
Research project: Chloroform from swimming pools, a significant source of atmospheric chloroform in Phoenix?

Sisi Gao
Research project: Are all stressors equally disturbing? A study on how different urban disturbances affect a common urban bird

Greg Gryniewicz
Research project: Variation in wood specific gravity of Sonoran desert trees growing in irrigated urban landscapes and non-developed arid desert landscapes

Hannah Heavenrich
Research project: Hidden pools of nitrate in emerging ‘sustainable’ landscapes

Edgar Cardenas
Research project: Understanding collaboration patterns in artists-scientists teams

Aurelie Marcotte
Research project: Characterization of trace metals and inorganic species in time resolved haboob particulate matter in Phoenix, AZ

Amalia Handler and Amanda Suchy
Research project: Nitrogen cycling in urban wetlands: influence of vegetation and soil resources

Jorge Ramos
Research project: A new gas chamber to investigate the role of acrophytes in the greenhouse gas emissions from the Tres Rios constructed wetland in Phoenix, AZ


John Connors and Kevin Kane
Research project: Shaping the City: Institutions and land system architecture in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Scott Davies
Research project: Sex in the city: how do birds adapt seasonal reproduction in response to urbanization?

Juan Declet-Barreto
Research project: Assessment of neighborhood and household adaptive capacity to heat-related vulnerability in Maricopa County, Arizona

Chao Fan
Research project: Impacts of vegetation cover on urban warming: Does spatial arrangement matter?

Chris Galletti and Shai Kaplan
Research project: Modeling broadband albedo with high resolution imagery

Heather Kropp and Michael Fell
Research project: Plant carbon status and hydraulic traits along an aridity/urbanization gradient

Israel Leinbach
Research project: Scorpion profiling in the city

Yevgeniy Marusenko
Research project: Ammonia-oxidizing microbial communities and their functional response to environmental change

Janet Reyna
Research project: Life cycle assessment of ecosystem service impacts from Phoenix buildings

Jiyun Song
Research project: Interfacing an urban land surface model with a single-column atmospheric model

Amanda Suchy
Research project: Denitrification in urban wetlands: The relative importance of hydrologic regime and soil resources for shaping patterns of denitrification

Jiachuan Yang
Research project: Enhancing urban hydroclimate modeling by coupling an advanced urban canopy model into WRF

Yujia Zhang
Research project: Linking land configuration to human wellbeing from the household to neighborhood level in Central Arizona Phoenix