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scientist-mesuring-stem-widths-with-calipersAs part of our funding commitments, National Science Foundation (NSF) funded projects, such as CAP LTER, are required to make as much research data as possible publicly available. The CAP LTER project adheres to the LTER data access policy and aims to publish all research data unless limited by either privacy or license restrictions.

Our commitment to data access includes the provision of metadata to enable data users to assess the content and significance of the data they download.



Data Catalog

Welcome to CAP LTER’s Data portal! Our focus is on data in the CAP study area.


Long-Term Monitoring and Experiments

Long-term monitoring and experiments are at the core of CAP LTER’s research program. They enable CAP LTER scientists to examine changes over time, particularly in ecological variables that are slow cycling.


Managing Your Data

Managing data and metadata through this system will help you prepare your data for long-term curation and publication.