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Green Events Program

Thank you for your interest in ASU’s Green Events Program. As the collective negative human impact on the environment has increased, Arizona State University, among many other institutions and communities, has strengthened efforts toward more sustainable lifestyles. Although ASU has undertaken greening efforts in numerous operational areas, those in which people temporarily congregate, such as meetings and conferences, have often gone under the radar.

The benefits of integrating sustainable or green practices into ASU events include; reducing negative environmental impacts, meeting community expectations, expressing our sustainability values, serving as a leader for positive change, and increasing sustainability awareness. You may complete the program two ways: self-guided or facilitated.

Self-Guided Option

A Green Event Coordinator from your office downloads the Green Event Checklist (below) and guides your team or committee through the certification process. (i.e. during planning sessions). The Green Event Coordinator determines if your event meets or will meet the requirements for Bronze, Silver or Gold Green Event Certification. The Green Event Coordinator completes the checklist then emails it to or mails it to University Sustainability Practices, mail code 5402. University Sustainability Practices will issue a green event certification upon receiving and approving the completed checklist.

Facilitated Option

Facilitated sessions are conducted by University Sustainability Practices during an Event Planning Meeting to acquaint the planning chair or committee with the Green Event Checklist and certification process. E-mail for further information.

Green Event Checklist

Please download, fillout and save the task checklist before submitting to USP.