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Research Focal Areas

Research Focal Areas

Research Focal Areas

Advancing Corporate Sustainability

Corporations engage in sustainable practices for reasons beyond creating a positive public image. Sustainability practices can also improve profitability and help them comply with emerging regulations. Many companies look outside their own doors for help in making smart choices and maximizing the impact of those choices.

CBO researchers engage with businesses to develop new analytics and methods for applying them to help improve biodiversity outcomes while protecting their investments.

Biodiversity Assessment and Decision Tools

A streamlined assessment process to record data and improved decision-making tools are key to effectively managing and conserving biodiversity.

CBO affiliates and researchers work with national and international partners to develop and implement careful approaches toward the goals of assessing the status of biodiversity and creating decision-making tools that utilize accurate data.

Governance and Biodiversity

Public agencies must follow specific rules and processes when reaching decisions or setting policy. Nonprofit conservation organizations often work with public agencies to help facilitate stakeholder involvement and gain agreement on solutions that can benefit people and biodiversity.

CBO researchers study the impact of various approaches to decision-making and stakeholder involvement on biodiversity issues, and contribute scientific expertise and relevant research to the stakeholder process.

Public Engagement in Biodiversity Science

Understanding the role nature plays in sustaining life is critical to the survival of the planet, but many sectors of society are increasingly disconnected from nature.  The social inequality created by this lack of exposure and information about ecosystems has broad implications for the future of our planet.  CBO develops innovative education programs aimed at broadening diversity in biodiversity science. 

Public Health and Biodiversity

Environmental contaminants affect the health of ecosystems and often lead to threats to human health. Creating awareness of these threats and the solutions to manage them are essential to sustaining global health.

CBO researchers investigate the links between public health and biodiversity threats, and work to deliver effective public-outreach messages.

Urban Biodiversity

Cities are the fastest growing ecosystem in the modern world.

Conserving biodiversity in developing urban regions is necessary to ensure the natural capital needed to support growing urban populations.  This requires understanding how species, particularly native plants and animals that are essential to the health of surrounding ecosystems, persist in urban environment. 

CBO works closely with a network of conservation, government agency and private sector partners to ensure that local biodiversity and wildlife is maintained. One highlight is our work to establish corridors in urban areas while still meeting the resource needs and lifestyle preferences of a growing human populations.