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Stephanie Ng

Stephanie Ng

Project Manager, Chemonics International

Chemonics International
1717 H St NW
Washington, DC 20006


  • Project Manager, Chemonics International


Stephanie Ng is the Practice Manager on the Environment and Natural Resources Practice Team at Chemonics International and has been working in environmental programming for the past seven years. She has supported project management for numerous USAID funded projects including Colombia Paramos and Forests, Colombia Natural Wealth Program, REPLACE and STARR IDIQs, Peru Forestry Program and the Colombia Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihood Initiative. Prior to Chemonics, she served in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua working in environmental education and local capacity building to support community programs in organic agricultural practices and natural resource conservation. After graduating from Boston University with a BA in international relations with a concentration in environment and development, she also worked at a small, Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization to support the development and implementation of sustainability education programs in the United States.