Resources for Arizona Citizens and Decision-Makers

Sustainability Operations at ASU

Arizona State University is a model for sustainability operations and practices around the country and has made significant strides in several key areas. Through four overarching sustainability goals - climate neutrality, zero solid and water waste, active engagement and principled practice - ASU takes seriously reducing consumption, maximizing efficiency and rethinking products and actions.

2014 highlights Sustainability @ ASU 2014 Highlights

2014 was a memorable year for ASU's Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. Alumni employment was high, enrollment in sustainability-related programs grew and the School of Sustainability expanded its program offerings. Meanwhile, new ASU centers and initiatives were launched, solutions-focused partnerships developed, research productivity increased, and thousands attended institute events.

ASU Sustainability Prospectus

Our prospectus, Sustainability at ASU: Toward a more sustainable world, provides an overview of ASU’s efforts to advance sustainability across the university and beyond. Understand how sustainability underlies our teaching, learning, and doing.

Sustainability Plan

Arizona State University is taking action to discover new pathways for a thriving economic system, a healthy ecosphere, and a more just society.

Carbon Plan

Carbon neutrality, or a "net zero carbon footprint," means achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount of renewable energy or offsetting by planting trees that in turn could help prevent future greenhouse gas emissions.

Take a tour of our sustainability initiatives

Discover and explore some of ASU's exciting sustainability initiatives and projects by following this 1.2-mile walking tour of the Tempe campus.

Arizona Indicators

A centralized data resource for quality information on Arizona and its communities, Arizona Indicators provides information that shows Arizona’s competitive position and trajectory. It helps community leaders, business leaders, elected officials, and the public identify areas where progress is needed and promotes informed decision making.

Arizona Town Hall

Arizona Town Hall is an independent, nonprofit membership organization that identifies critical issues facing Arizona, creates the forum for education and exploration of the topic and fosters leadership development. By drawing upon Arizona's diversity of citizens, the Town Hall process promotes public consideration of these issues, builds consensus and supports implementation of the resulting recommendations through its members.

Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability in an Urbanizing World

The 5th issue of UGEC Viewpoints offers a selection of articles reflecting the diversity of research presented and discussed at the recent UGEC conference at Arizona State University in October 2010.

The Arizona We Want

Published by the Center for the Future of Arizona, The Arizona We Want is a realistic and contemporary picture of what citizens think about life in Arizona communities, what they want for the future, and how we can work together to achieve a common set of goals.

Charting a Course for Arizona’s Technology-Based Economic Development

Published by the Milken Institute, Charting a Course analyzes Arizona's strengths and weaknesses in the science and technology sectors and provides recommendations to improve the state's competitiveness. Sponsored in part by Science Foundation of Arizona and completed with cooperation of Arizona State University.

Sizing the Clean Economy:
A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment

Published by the Brookings Institution, Sizing the Clean Economy considers employment statistics related to clean economy industries in the U.S. and its metropolitan areas. The report provides an encouraging but also challenging assessment of the ongoing development of the clean economy.

Sustainability for Arizona: The Issue of Our Age

Published by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Sustainability for Arizona describes sustainability as a defining issue and organizing principle for the 21st century. The report provides real-life examples of sustainability in practice as well as advice and insights of 28 policy leaders and thinkers from the public and private sectors.

Solar One Stop AZ

Solar One Stop AZ provides the latest information about solar energy and how to take advantage of our region’s abundant sunshine. Whether you are a resident, business owner, solar developer or installer, here is a complete list of solar essentials. Learn about solar technologies, rebates and incentives, educational opportunities and solar events.

Watering the Sun Corridor:
Managing Choices in Arizona’s Megapolitan Area

Published by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Watering the Sun Corridor considers Arizona’s current and future water supplies and the relationship between water and future growth along Arizona’s Sun Corridor – the Central Arizona Urban Region that includes Phoenix and Tucson.