Peter McCartney

  • Head of Informatics, Global Institute of Sustainability

Arizona State University
Global Institute of Sustainability
PO Box 875402
Tempe, AZ 85287-5402
480-965 6791


McCartney focuses upon information systems for environmental and archaeological research; use of metadata for designing automated internet access to data and applications; and workflow processing tools for incorporating multiple models into comprehensive analyses.

Journal Articles


Li, K., P. Zhang, J. C. Crittenden, S. Guhathakurta, Y. Chen, H. J. Fernando, A. Sawhey, P. H. McCartney, N. B. Grimm, R. Kahhat, H. Joshi, G. Konjevod, Y. J. Choi, E. Fonseca, B. R. Allenby, D. Gerrity and P. M. Torrens. 2007. Development of a framework for quantifying the environmental impacts of urban development and construction practices. Environmental Science and Technology 41(14):5130-5136. DOI: 10.1021/es062481d. (link)


McCartney, P. H. and J. W. Helmer. 1990. Marine and terrestrial mammals in high Arctic Paleoeskimo economy. Archaeozoologica

McCartney, P. H. and M. F. Glass. 1990. Simulation models and the interpretation of archaeological diversity. American Antiquity (2):521-536.

Book Chapters


McCartney, P. H. and M. B. Jones. 2002. Using XML-encoded metadata as a basis for advanced information systems for ecological research. Pp. 379-384 In: Callaos, N., J. Porter and N. Rishe eds., Information Systems Development II. Vol VII. International Institute of Informatics and Systemics.

Schurmans, U., D. L. Collins, A. Razdan, A. Simon, M. Marzke, P. H. McCartney, D. Van Alfen, G. Jones, M. Zhu, D. Liu, M. Bae, J. Rowe and G. Farin. 2002. Advances in geometric modeling and feature extraction on pots, rocks and bones for representation and query via the internet. Pp. 191-202 In: Burenhult, G. and J. Arvidsson eds., Archaeological Informatics: Pushing the Envelope. Archaeopress.



Gries, C., N. B. Grimm, C. L. Redman, R. S. Peri and P. H. McCartney. 2005. The new intranet and data management fo CAP2. Poster presented at the 19 January 2005 CAP LTER Seventh Annual Poster Symposium, International Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. (link)

McCartney, P. H., R. Quay, C. Gries, R. T. Schroeder, J. Hutchins, M. A. Zoldak, J. A. Zehnder, D. Mason, A. Bagley and B. Griffins. 2005. Integrating urban ecological models. Poster presented at the 19 January 2005 CAP LTER Seventh Annual Poster Symposium. International Institute for Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona. (link)


Schoeninger, R., P. H. McCartney, C. Gries, C. Saltz, E. Ortiz-Barney, T. Craig, S. M. Scheiner and M. M. Elser. 2004. Ecology Explorers online data analysis. Poster presented at the 23 February 2004 Sixth Annual CAP LTER Poster Symposium, Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ. (link)

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McCartney, P. H. and W. A. Griffin. 2005. Coupling agent-based models of decision making to groundwater resources via MODFLOW. Presented at the August 5, 2005 Arizona Water Summit, Flagstaff, AZ.


McCartney, P. H., I. Robertson and G. Cowgill. 2000. Using Metadata to address problems of data preservation and delivery: Examples from the Teotihuacan Data Archiving Project. Paper presented at 6 April 2000, 65th Annual Society of American Archaeology, Philadelphia, PA.

McCartney, P. H. 2000. The LTER network information system and beyond. Workshop presented at 2-4 August 2000, Long-Term Ecological Research: Unifying Principles and Global Applications, LTER All Scientists Meeting, Snowbird, UT.

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Conference Papers


Brunt, J., P. H. McCartney, K. Baker and S. Stafford. 2002. The future of ecoinformatics in long term ecological research. Pp. 367-372 In: Callaos, N., J. Porter and N. Rishe eds., Orlando, Florida.

Newspaper Articles


McCartney, P. H. 2003. SEINet: metadata-mediated access to distributed ecological data. Databits Spring. (link)

McCartney, P. H. 2003. SEINet: Metadata-mediated access to distributed ecological data. Databits: Information Management Newsletter of the LTER Spring. (link)


McCartney, P. H. 2000. Ecological data warehouse: Open for business. Center for Environmental Studies Newsletter 3(3):1.

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McCartney, P. H. 2000. Report of the long-term ecological research metadata committee meeting. February 2000, NET Office, Albuquerque.


Knowles-Yanez, K., C. Moritz, J. Fry, C. L. Redman, M. Bucchin and P. H. McCartney. 1999. Historic land use: Phase I report on generalized land use. Center for Environmental Studies, Arizona State University. Central Arizona - Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research Contribution No. 1. (link)

McCartney, P. H. 1999. Metadata working group. Contribution for 1999 Report of the LTER Information Management Annual Meeting.

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