Sustainability News From Across ASU

ASU engineers working to make nuclear energy generation safer

ASU engineers are working to improve testing and analysis of materials and processes used in nuclear energy systems to make the systems safer.

ASU planning professor receives Guggenheim Fellowship

Emily Talen, a professor in ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, has been selected for one of this year's prestigious Guggenheim Fellowships.

How to become a certified Green Lab at ASU

Did you know that laboratories consume at least three times the energy rate of a traditional classroom? Find out how to lessen your lab's carbon footprint.

US-China competition encourages ideas to prevent electronic waste

Finding creative ways to turn yesterday's electronics into tomorrow's technology is at the heart of a new initiative to tackle the challenge of e-waste head-on.

ASU, STAR Communities partner to help governments track sustainability performance

STAR Communities and Arizona State University have announced an official partnership to support local governments who are interested in benchmarking and tracking sustainability performance.

From biofuel to waste diversion: ASU employees awarded for sustainability solutions

ASU staff and faculty are advancing sustainability by demonstrating exemplary practices, sharing solutions leading by example to catalyze change.

Determining the sustainability of water, agriculture in Ariz.

Central Arizona has a rich history of agriculture, contributing $9.2 billion toward the state’s economy.

ASU assists Nigerian leaders to create sustainability institute in Lagos

ASU's Sustainability Solutions Services is creating a curriculum and feasibility study for a future Sustainability Institute at Lagos, designed much like ASU's Global Institute of Sustainability.

Water security and the worth of Ariz. agriculture

ASU researchers and local farmers discuss the issue of water usage in agriculture.

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ASU study reveals economic benefits of forest thinning

A report by ASU's Sustainability Solutions Services and The Nature Conservancy reveals economic opportunities based on small diameter wood.

Innovative solar-powered house on exhibit in Phoenix

The solar-powered house built by ASU architecture, design and engineering students for the international Solar Decathlon competition is now on public exhibit in Phoenix.

Science at play: NSF funds ASU research on nanotechnology ethics, education

ASU undergraduates have the opportunity to enroll in a challenging course this fall, designed to re-introduce the act of play as a problem-solving technique.

Expanding energy access key to solving global challenges

Expanding access to reliable energy offers a better route to address global challenges, climate and energy, scholars say in a new report.

Palestinian officials learn about renewable energy successes at ASU

While thousands of miles apart, Arizona and Palestine must respond to similar energy challenges when faced with transmission, funding and technology issues.

The future of renewable energy science: Ariz. university students

University students from across Arizona set aside in-state rivalries April 1-2 to plan for a better global future at the Arizona Student Energy Conference at Arizona State University.

Favorable climate change facilitated rise of Mongol Empire study finds

A new study, co-authored by ASU visiting professor Nicola Di Cosmo, asserts that the rise of the Mongol empire can be directly attributed to favorable climate change.

ASU recognized for past, present solar accomplishments

ASU's solar installation accomplishments are showcased in the March 2014 College Planning & Management magazine's "Trends in Green" feature.

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College Planning & Management
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A clear focus: ASU alum plans for future water use

Now working to bring a renewable surface water supply from the Colorado River to Central Arizona, ASU alumnus Jessica Fox has a long-standing interest in sustainability.

ASU leads new research network to study impacts of nanomaterials

A new national research network created to assess the potential impacts of engineered nanomaterials will be led by ASU engineers and scientists.

ASU kicks off Earth Month with launch of Zero Waste initiative

To minimize the amount of waste heading to the landfill, Arizona State University has launched the university-wide Zero Waste at ASU initiative to kick off Earth Month 2014.

ASU grabs gold medal for sustainable fitness facility

The Polytechnic Campus Sun Devil Fitness Complex has earned a gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

ASU spatial analysis tool passes 100K users milestone

GeoDa, the software that serves as an introduction to spatial data analysis and is developed at ASU’s GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation, has now been downloaded by 100,000 users.

Research partnership to bring cutting-edge solar technology to ASU

ASU and AORA Solar NA have announced a collaboration that will begin the development of a hybrid concentrated solar system on the Tempe campus that employs a Solar Tulip to concentrate the sun's energy, turning it into electricity.

ASU achieves gold in sustainability rating system

Further bolstering its commitment to sustainability operations and practice, ASU has achieved a Gold rating in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System.

ASU, IRENA to develop solar tech certification program in West Africa

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and ASU signed an agreement this week to develop a solar certification program for West Africa.

Ariz. universities collaborate to grow algae from wastewater

Students and researchers from ASU, NAU and the UA are collaborating to grow algae using wastewater. The algae can then be harvested to create fuel, feed and food products.

Leaders discuss Arizona's new energy plan at Solar Summit

Policy leaders, industry partners and energy experts gathered at ASU SkySong Feb. 20 to discuss the future of solar energy in Arizona at Arizona Solar Summit IV.

ASU defeats Wildcats, waste in double overtime victory

The Wildcats weren’t the only thing that met defeat at this past weekend’s men’s basketball game; the 10,754 attendees to the ASU vs. UA game at Wells Fargo Arena on Feb. 14 also defeated waste, with a total waste diversion rate of 87 percent.

Outlook for sustainable energy is sunny in Arizona

Sethuraman "Panch" Panchanathan discusses energy research at ASU in his latest column in The Arizona Republic.

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The Arizona Republic
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Are we missing the trees for the forest?

University of Utah's Nalini Nadkarni will present a lecture on "Our Intimate Connection to Trees," Feb. 21.

Student finds her place at ASU, Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives

A double major in sustainability and urban planning, Isabelle Lishewski says she is fascinated by cities and wants to plan more sustainable ones.

What ecosystem greeted the first human settlers in the northern Caribbean?

A fossil deposit discovery on Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas is helping to shed light on animal and plant life at the time of first human presence.

ASU alum’s work earns prestigious national planning award

The firm ASU alumnus John Houseal founded has been recognized nationally for its creative and innovative work.

ASU releases 2013 report on sustainability initiatives

The recently released 2013 Sustainability Initiatives Revolving Fund (SIRF) annual report chronicles $5.6 million in investments that support Arizona State University.

ASU engineers to lead national solar energy technology projects

Two national research projects to develop technologies that expand the capabilities of solar power systems will be led by engineers at ASU.

Research reveals effectiveness of urban heat-reducing technologies

A team of researchers from ASU and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has begun exploring the relative effectiveness of some of the most common adaptation technologies aimed at reducing warming from urban expansion.

Presence of humans, urban landscapes increase illness in songbirds

For the first time, scientists have found a direct link between the degree of urbanization and the prevalence and severity of two distinct parasites in wild house finches.

ASU partners to bring algae technology into next generation

Over the next several years, algae researchers on the ASU Polytechnic campus will leverage the Helix photobioreactor to propel the understanding of algae production technology.

Design students contribute to Mesa's future urban plaza

Students from ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts presented their design ideas for an "iconic plaza" to members of the City Council of Mesa.

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Arizona Republic
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