Sustainability News From Across ASU

Author Margaret Atwood to discuss creative writing, science at ASU

Internationally renowned novelist and environmental activist Margaret Atwood will visit Arizona State University this November to discuss the relationship between art and science and the importance of creative writing and imagination for addressing social and environmental challenges.

ASU Wrigley Institute board member to chair economic council

William McDonough, member of the board of directors of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University, has been appointed chair of the World Economic Forum's Meta-Council on the Circular Economy.

A look at the complex relationship between humans, nature

As humans impact the environment, the environment impacts us, in turn. ASU researcher Michael Barton studies this complex relationship.

It's complicated: Analyzing the costs, benefits of gene-modifying technology

A new paper in the journal Science calls for a public discussion regarding the scientific, ethical and regulatory issues that would arise with use of a genetic engineering technology called gene drives.

ASU student uses award to explore Mexico City's changing climate

ASU geography student Valeria Benson-Lira has received an award to help her examine the effects of Mexico City's urbanization on its regional climate.

ASU professor discusses the future of water in Arizona

Dave White discusses how potential water shortages could affect Arizona, in both short and longer terms.

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ASU partners with US Virgin Islands on renewable energy projects, education

Arizona State University is partnering with the U.S. Virgin Islands to assist in the development of renewable energy practices in the island territory, as well as invigorate the renewable energy market and expand upon energy education.

New ASU engineering program designed to broaden solar energy expertise

The Fulton Schools of Engineering are managing a new ASU training and education program to increase solar energy expertise throughout the world.

ASU researcher leads biodiversity workshops around the world

Arizona State University research professor Dave Pearson holds frequent biodiversity workshops for Latin American children, adults and university students.

ASU's carbon neutrality efforts featured in national magazine

Arizona State University leads the June 2014 Business Officer magazine cover story, “Going for Zero.”

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Business Officer magazine
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New soil moisture sensor tracks drought conditions in Arizona, Mexico

Graduate student Adam Schreiner-McGraw has installed a new type of soil moisture sensor in four different ecosystems in the southwestern U.S. and northwest Mexico.

Trash into treasure: ASU, Phoenix partner to find new uses for waste

Arizona State University's Sustainability Solutions Services is working with Phoenix's Public Works department on building a network of trash talkers – researchers, practitioners, organizations and businesses who will find uses for Phoenix's waste.

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Scientists call for preservation of disappearing grasslands

Before widespread urbanization and poor agricultural practices, grasslands covered North America. Today, many of the four major types of grasslands have sustained extensive damage, and some are in danger of disappearing completely.

4 ASU students win Gilman Scholarships for study abroad

Four ASU students will pursue their study abroad dreams during the fall 2014 semester with support from the Gilman Scholarship Program.

ASU, NGA to address national security risks of climate change

ASU was selected for a competitive, five-year award of $20 million by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to launch a research partnership to explore approaches for anticipating and mitigating national security risks associated with climate change.

ASU awards young solution-creators at Intel's science and engineering fair

High school students from across the globe received funding from ASU's Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives for their solutions to climate, health and energy challenges.

One simple change could help to protect newly-discovered species

When scientists are discovering and identifying previously-unknown species in the wild, should they always take a specimen back with them to the lab for further study? No, argues ASU's Ben Minteer, in a Future Tense article for Slate magazine.

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Slate magazine
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Fieldwork in Tanzania brings insights on food security

ASU geography student John Connors is determined to examine the complexities of food security in an area of the world where a sufficient supply of food is far from universal – rural Tanzania.

ASU offers first-time course on American Indian community planning

A group of almost 50 students participated in an accelerated, interdisciplinary course called American Indian Community Planning, offered for the first time at ASU this spring.

2 ASU professors named presidents of national associations

Two ASU faculty members, Janet Franklin and Elizabeth Wentz, both professors in ASU's School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, recently began terms as presidents of national professional associations.

Study measures nature's wealth for more sustainable planet

In a newly-published study, scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind equation to estimate the monetary value of natural resources, which could help to encourage sustainable practices and conservation.

ASU alum helps millennials build a more sustainable future

The eEcosphere app, developed by an Arizona State University alumnus, matches millennials with personally tailored ideas and quality local resources to build a more sustainable lifestyle.

Martinson grant backs sustainable solutions for better future

The benefactors of the recently-established Martinson Sustainability Solutions Research Grant, John S. Martinson and his wife Suzanne Pickett Martinson have already witnessed its impact through the work of School of Sustainability students Christopher Kudzas and Angela Cazel-Jahn.

Sustainability resonates with change-driven ASU scholars

The students enrolled in Arizona State University's MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program share two key characteristics with the university: a commitment to fostering meaningful change and an enthusiasm for sustainability.

Study links urbanization, future heat-related mortality

New Arizona State University research examines the heat-health aspects resulting from urbanization and the challenge of sustainable future growth in Maricopa County.

Downtown student center recognized with historic preservation award

The ASU Student Center @ the Post Office will receive the Governor's Heritage Preservation Honor Award next month at a special luncheon hosted by Arizona State Parks.

ASU students experience cutting-edge technology at Sandia National Lab

In early April, a group of Arizona State University graduate students descended upon Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to engage with current energy leaders and interact with new energy technologies.

US Navy supports ASU's development of algae-based biofuels

U.S. Navy Assistant Secretary for Energy, Installations and Environment Dennis McGinn visits Arizona State University and shares thoughts on renewable energy sources and algae-based biofuels.

Excess heat from air conditioners causes higher nighttime temperatures

A team of researchers from Arizona State University has found that releasing excess heat from air conditioners running during the night resulted in higher outside temperatures, worsening the urban heat island effect and increasing cooling demands.

Secretary of the Navy gives talk on energy security, US military

The United States Navy's shift to alternative energy sources is primarily about increasing military and strategic capabilities, said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus during a recent a visit to ASU.

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Slate magazine
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ASU delivers workshop on wind energy in Fiji

A two-day workshop for policymakers, focused on small wind energy systems, was recently held in Fiji by Arizona State University's Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy program.

ASU Health Services building on top 10 list for most sustainable architecture

The ASU Health Services Building on the Tempe campus has been selected by the American Institute of Architects and its Committee on the Environment as one of the top 10 examples of sustainable architecture and green design solutions that protect and enhance the environment.

Students to demonstrate algae projects during public events

Learn how algae can not only be used to clean Arizona's wastewaters, but be turned into a renewable energy source and other valuable products May 1-2 at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation on Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus.

ASU named one of nation's most sustainable colleges

Arizona State University has been named as one of the nation's most sustainable colleges in The Princeton Review's Guide to 322 Green Colleges for its commitment to solar power, climate neutrality and sustainability overall.

ASU engineers working to make nuclear energy generation safer

ASU engineers are working to improve testing and analysis of materials and processes used in nuclear energy systems to make the systems safer.

How to become a certified Green Lab at ASU

Did you know that laboratories consume at least three times the energy rate of a traditional classroom? Find out how to lessen your lab's carbon footprint.

Palestinian officials learn about renewable energy successes at ASU

While thousands of miles apart, Arizona and Palestine must respond to similar energy challenges when faced with transmission, funding and technology issues.

The future of renewable energy science: Ariz. university students

University students from across Arizona set aside in-state rivalries April 1-2 to plan for a better global future at the Arizona Student Energy Conference at Arizona State University.

ASU recognized for past, present solar accomplishments

ASU's solar installation accomplishments are showcased in the March 2014 College Planning & Management magazine's "Trends in Green" feature.

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College Planning & Management
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ASU kicks off Earth Month with launch of Zero Waste initiative

To minimize the amount of waste heading to the landfill, Arizona State University has launched the university-wide Zero Waste at ASU initiative to kick off Earth Month 2014.

ASU grabs gold medal for sustainable fitness facility

The Polytechnic Campus Sun Devil Fitness Complex has earned a gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Research partnership to bring cutting-edge solar technology to ASU

ASU and AORA Solar NA have announced a collaboration that will begin the development of a hybrid concentrated solar system on the Tempe campus that employs a Solar Tulip to concentrate the sun's energy, turning it into electricity.